Saturday, February 9, 2013

Was that I tear I felt?

So I am sitting here at work, putting in some time for my "Saturday." I am what they call the MOD today - Manager on Duty. That basically means I lead a few group tours, take a few pics and basically just be on hand for any emergencies. Here I sit on my "lunch hour," eating my Greek Corner Deli Greek salad and baklava and play around a little on twitter and facebook.

Then I came across some messages, tweets and other goodies that, honestly, caused my eyes to well up.

You see, some people really do care about me.

I know, I know.. stop feeling sorry for myself. But it's hard, when your relationship at home is not the strongest, and you spend a lot of time working and doing for others (because it is your job.) My husband works long hours, so I typically come home to a quiet house. By the time he gets there, he is crashed out.

This party this Saturday (to celebrate my birthday,) is so much more than a birthday party. My closest friends know exactly why. It's an important "next stage" and whoa be the fool that gets in my way this next decade.

I have so many plans, so many goals, so many accomplishments to celebrate. I am pulling myself out of that dark hole and man.. *I just sighed* ... it feels good.

Look, I know I have left a lot of the personal stuff I used to include in my posts out. Ever since I moved home, which happens to be a smaller community where everyone knows your business.. I have kept quiet about sooo many things.

Too much judgement here. Too much pretension. Too many fake smiles. Too many people who could care less about me or my happiness. I don't typically conform to what others say or do, and for that.. well.. it makes me a little unpopular sometime.

Since I returned, I have just smiled and kept my opinions to myself and I have kept my mouth shut, and I will continue to do so.

You have to do that in small towns. At least in Birmingham, I was one of almost 2 million. Plus I traveled all over... and typically I only knew the media in each metro I worked in. My personal circle was small. So yeah.. I was anonymous.

With that being said, those who have followed this blog for almost four years and for those who are in my life on a daily basis, you know what this day and this night means to me. Thank you for your kindness. Thank you for your support. Thank you for your friendship. Most importantly, thank you for loving me when I was not acting very lovable.

May God Bless You All and I look forward to seeing you next Saturday night.

1 comment:

Stephanie Ruby Feldman said...

I am not so great at commenting. Funny since I crave them and well am envious at your following ( yep, truth is out) BUT I am and have always been since day one, your cheerleader.... adore your honest, brave and put it all on the page ways. <3


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