Friday, February 8, 2013

One week until...

As I was getting ready to plan out my week, it suddenly hit me, "Oh No! I only have one more week in my 30s."

It's a bittersweet time for me; saying goodbye to a decade always is.

Think about it, the first time, I was only 10. Not much happening there. I wanted to grow up so fast. I believe at the age of 10, my plan was to talk my parents into letting me attend the New York School of Performing Arts. I wanted to be a dancer more than anything else in the world. 

I am fairly certain this movie was the inspiration for my 10 year old dream. I was in the thick of ballet and theater classes. It was my everything. My oh my.. how times have changed....
Me at about 8 years old.

Me at about 13 years old.

By the age of 20, I was thrilled. I could not wait to enter my 20s and just stay there. I used to joke and say I would never age past 25. Well.. clearly.. I had to.  At 20, I was living in Milledgeville, Georgia as a college sophomore or junior (I can't remember) at Georgia College & State University. I was studying Broadcast Journalism with BIG plans to work in television news. I was in the early stages of a long term relationship and partying like there was no tomorrow.

I am on the right. Age 20. With my friend Wendy and my bestie Telisa. Note the beer cans in the front. ;-) My goodness I had long hair!

You may be wondering what influenced me at 20? Movies always did. 

(BTW - I ended up a Producer. ;-) )

At 30.. oh sweet 30... I was in a completely different world. I has left television about two years earlier. I was married to my first husband, Chris. I lived in a great house in North Macon. I had exchange students, a garden. I was involved at church - basically living the "adult role." I was working as the Communications Specialist for a national nonprofit and living the suburban life.

Here  I am with my Italian exchange student, Chiara, in a Greek restaurant in Savannah.

Here I am (on the left) with my neighbor Lisa and my bestie (still) Telisa. We were at a Moroccan restaurant.

Now.. here I am. Heading into 40. On my second husband and this one is from Egypt. I live in an apartment. I have since moved away, lived a fast paced life in a bigger place and moved back. I experienced tragedy since the days above. I fought a battle against cervical cancer and won. I lost my chance for children. My first husband uprooted me from my hometown. Then he asked me for a divorce- in another state. I quit hosting exchange students. I ended up with a job where I traveled a lot. I flew to Egypt. Met the man of my dreams. I ended up losing everything and having to move back home. Now I am working as a Director of Sales & Marketing for a museum, involved in groups like Rotary, Leadership Macon and ton of other committees. Life has changed, and so have I....

Here I am with my egyptian on the Mediterranean Sea in Egypt.

Here I am in America with my egyptian. Married and in Birmingham

Here I am with my niece. Someone who did not exist when I turned 30.

Within the past 10 years, I met a President.

I began to have a little more fun.... 

Finally.. look who's still by my side? My friend Telisa.

What movies inspired the past 10 years' life's decisions?

Four different decades. Four different lives. Four different dreams.

Those last two movies are so perfect.. it is almost eery.

What has your past few decades looked like?
Have you ever stopped to see?

I am proud of who I am. I am proud of my experiences. And I am super proud to say I am 39 turning 40.. in one week. What will the next ten years bring?



Wayne W Smith said...

I turn 40 in March. I admit lately I have been feeling old. Got to shake that off.

Ann Bennett said...

Life begins at 40. And at 50 you get off your butt and get busy. lol Have a great birthday. Such a beautiful ballerina.

Tesha Vann said...

Your recap was perfect! Love all the pics and your lifelong friendship.
You've been through a great deal and have grown a lot as well.
My decades have all been vastly different from the one before. I'm knocking on 40 and hope to finish my 30's with 2 more big wishes....the next 2 years will tell. Happy EARLY birthday and best wishes for a great new decade.


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