Sunday, February 10, 2013

Things I Learned This Week

I am a day late.. but here it goes...

1. NuWay cravings are intense. But once consumed... my entire body shuts down. Could be the nitrates.

2. When I am super busy - everything has to wait until my day off. Laundry, vacuuming, and the rest.

3. Coffee. I sincerely do not think there are enough coffee stands in Macon.

4. Suffering from a serious headache all week. Plus fatigue. Could that be stress?

5. Promotion. Promotion. Promotion.

6. 80% of all Bibb County Public School Students are at the poverty level. Now, if you are not from here.. that may sound tragic, which it is. But what you don't realize is that there are even MORE private schools. So many kids are actually at private academies.

7. I was thinking of becoming a Mentor for the Mentor's Project. But.. I'm allergic to being needed. Not sure.. not sure..

8. My birthday plans are coming along nicely!

9. Next project? Photography classes & Ballroom dancing. (I am still enjoying the gym and my rosetta stone!)

10. Perhaps a bike is next???

11. 40 is going to be awesome.

12. I keep dreaming I have a pet Chihuahua. What does that mean?

13. Looking forward to booking a trip to Chicago late this spring to see my bloggy besties. ;-)

14. Spending 8 hours listening to presenters on poverty is enough to drain ANYONE.

15. At home? Up and down. Up and down. I have no idea.

16. I dreamed I converted to becoming a Lutheran. Like reverting.

17. For fun (blog project,) I want to visit as many religious denominations as possible and share my report.

18. So many events this week - so little time.

19. I am surprised my friends do not take advantage of all of the events I could get them into to. In Birmingham, people go from event to event. Here - people are so apathetic, and that's why you see the same passionate people at all of the events. Glad you guys care to be cultured!! Those who participate in life are always my favorite people.

20. 6 more DAYS. Holy Moly. My LAST Sunday as a 30-something. EEEEEEEKKKKKK.

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