Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The day to day

I'm tired. 
Seriously tired. 

So much so that I simply had to take Monday off, left early Tuesday and left early today. Exhaustion has kicked in, and I am big on listening to my body and saying no when I need to.

Good news: The egyptian came in last night with a cute little Tiffany Blue bag with white polka dots. He handed it to me and told me it was an early birthday gift.

Of course I was thrilled. All I could say was, "Wow." What I sometimes forget is how well he knew me. We used to talk for hours and hours and were honestly the best of friends. In he walks with a little bag in my favorite colors, with a big bottle of my perfume. 

It's moments like that.. the moments that remind me that aside from all of the other junk, he gets me. 

I'm super excited about the next couple of days. Tomorrow we have a free health fair at the museum. Heath fairs are something I am super passionate about and I truly think they are such a gift to the community. Getting your important screenings, knowing your numbers, and taking steps to make healthier lifestyle choices are key. The Medical Center of Central Georgia will be setting up in our AT&T classroom at the museum between 9 and 11am. It's FREE. If course, if you participate in the health fair, you can tour the museum for free.

Then tomorrow night is the NEXT fundraiser for the museum: Death By Chocolate. Lots of food, ballroom dancing, a silent auction and good times for all! Tickets are $30.

Friday night I plan to attend the opening of the Winter Arts Festival at my mom's gallery. Should be some good stuff on display.

Of course... we know what Saturday is! ;-) 

Then on Sunday, I hope to view a movie at Cox Capitol Theater for the Macon Film Festival. Unfortunately, I can't do the whole weekend, but I hope to see at least one movie and I did buy a tshirt to support the cause. I'll be rocking that shirt at the gym. ;-)

If you are new around here, you may not realize from time to to I share some of my obsessions. Well.. here it goes:

1. Horseradish. Of course I've always loved it, but lately all I want to eat is some form of steak or beef with it.

2. Still reading the True Blood book series - Sookie Stackhouse stories. I think I am on the 5th or so book of 8 that I bought on my kindle. I started reading them around Christmas.

3. I am on Season 4 or 5 of Mad Men. Still loving the Don Draper.

4. Discovered a new fave K cup. Don't laugh - but it's Folger's. (Yep, I'll admit.) The Vanilla Biscotti. Pair it with the Bailey's brand French Vanilla.. not bad.. not bad at all.

5. I'm changing my hair color this week. Back to more of my early years. As a child, my hair was reddish brown. As I got older it got soooo dark, almost black. Then of course, the gray trickled in.. and I began to color my hair my natural hair color. Well.. I am going to "lighten" it up with the Reddish Brown. FUN!

6. Did you notice I mentioned ballroom dancing at Death By Chocolate? I plan to corner Paula East (well known ballroom dancer here) and see about some classes.

7. Red nails and lips. I just can't stay away.

8. Crunch Berry cereal. Sooo bad for you. But I bought the Captain and I can't stop. But note - I eat it dry. I don't do milk.

9. Chocotacos. O.M.G.

10. Prevacid. My new best friend.


MikiHope said...

I thought I was the only one who loves horseradish--for me it probably started when I had to grate it fresh-and you thought onions can make you tear up--try grating horseradish!! It is nice when someone remembers what you really like and gets it for you--truly warms the heart.

Meester Uttley said...

Don't you love how Captain Crunch roughs up the roof of your mouth? Masochistic satisfaction...

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