Saturday, October 27, 2012

I fell into the deepest of deep slumps this week. The kind of slump where not only did my writing suffer, but my zest and passion was gone with the wind. I skipped a volunteer opportunity, two parties, and my writing group's meeting.


Simple, really. I'm sort of entering another metamorphosis. It happens from time to time. Now that I am finally settling into my role (for this chapter,) I find myself second guessing, readjusting, and finding new and fascinating dramas to attend. I have sort of sized up the competition, allowed alpha dog competition to sniff around, and now it's finally time to pull out the big guns.

Oh yeah baby...

I'm Back!!!!!
I'm not sure what happened, but "Nicole" is awake and aware. I sort of shook off that terrible insecure robe I was carrying around with me, and I finally feel like I am back in my groove.

I allowed someone (or a few someones) ruffle my feathers. Then I had yet another epiphany, and it dealt with those inner wars of others... and then I was right as rain. That's right! The negative self talk evaporated and I began to remember who I was, where I came from, and what I have accomplished. I took stock in my experience, my friends, my talents and more importantly, my joie de vivre.

I organized my closet. I organized my jewelry. I organized my social calender.

I'm pulling out the big guns.

I plan to sparkle. I plan to be competitive (with both myself and those who try to push me around a little.) I can do this - and I can do it with both passion as well as class.

As I sit here tonight with my little Auttie Blossom at my side, my dear friend Matt on the couch, and my egyptian (who finally is in a good place with me,) I take stock in all of the good. I look around the fishbowl and decide I will leave my mark before I swim off to distant shores, and I promise to soak in as much of life as possible.

My question to you, my dear readers:
What do you need to do to sparkle?

Would love to hear from you!


SharleneT said...

I need a good bop on the side of the head to remind me that I'm as good as anyone else and can accomplish just as much. See? It doesn't change, no matter how old you get.

Robyn Burke said...

I need recharge time in order to properly sparkle to begin with. And I think I sparkle my brightest when I am writing. Take away my ability to write? My sparks will be extinguished pronto.


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