Monday, October 8, 2012

Let the music play

Part two of my formative music years! I wrote a blog post last night about the type of music that shaped me and changed me. I was born in 1973 - which means from about the mid 80s to the early 90s, I was totally shaped by the colors, the sounds, and the culture of the 80s. Now time to continue the story... This song was one of my absolute favorite songs in middle school! I remember dancing and singing with my friends! We would grab our hair brushes (of course, using these as microphones,) and just creating our own little dance party in our bedrooms! This song in particular reminds me of one summer in particular. I was at theater camp, and I became friends with a girl from Rhode Island named Heidi. She and I would go to her parent's home and she would blare this song from the lake house and we would dance on the docks. Silliness sure.. but good times! Specifically this summer - because Heidi was my first friend to live a completely different life! She came from a very affluent family - she spent her summers on yachts and traveling all over the world. She was the "cool" kid and she picked me to be her friend. LOL.. Yes.. she was definitely trouble. So this song reminds me of that crazy summer! Hands down - I LOVED this song. LOVED LOVED LOVED this song. I could not WAIT for it to come on the radio... oh good times... This song is a bit older than the rest, but to this day - it reminds me of my childhood! I just remember it got a lot of airtime on the radio and I enjoyed the song. :-) Another song from the formative years. Let's just say... I used to sing this song all-the-time in my room. LOL.. sooo cheesy. Talk about a women's empowerment song. Perhaps that's where it started. LOL Pat Benatar had such a STRONG influence on most of us girls back then. When I saw the movie 13 going on 30 I thought i would just die laughing! That scene where she is singing this song with the little girls.. lol. Joan was a complete badass.. and I loved her then.. and I love her now! And finally.. for tonight... Summer of my 9th grade year (heading into the 10th grade) THIS song was THE song. I remember playing volleyball all summer out by the lake (we lived on a small lake) and all of the teens listening to this song on the boom box. Over and over this song came on. LOVED Def Leppard. Yep.. this is when I was totally into guys that played guitar and had long hair, and I had the biggest hair in the world! ahahahaa... Ahhh..good times. Who else remembers this stuff?

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Anonymous said...

Oh my! Looks like we have more in common than you think, Nicole! I still have Nu Shooz on my "Kick A**" playlist. That, and Shannon's "Let the Music Play". Lol! I'm still a fool for "My Sugar Walls"...gosh, I'm dating myself. That was also Pat Benatar, right? Thank you for taking me down memory lane!


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