Friday, October 12, 2012

Questions I ponder

Tonight.. a few questions have entered my brain:

1. Is chocolate cake: A. chocolate cake with chocolate icing? or B. yellow cake with chocolate icing?

2. Is it called icing or frosting?

3. Why would someone sell a yoga skirt?

4. Why wasn't the actual paternity of the father proven in Mama Mia?

5. Why do the characters on Gossip Girl always scheme, when it would be so much easier to tell their parents the truth and/or call the cops?

6. Why don't we put marshmallows in our coffee?

7. Why are plus sized clothes completely covered in big ass ugly flowers and bizarre prints?

8. What is the deal with the mustache craze?

9. What is the difference with Wildflower Honey and Clover Honey?

10. Why hasn't the whole Biscoff overthrown Nutella as the best thing in the whole wide world?

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