Tuesday, October 30, 2012


My routine is a bit off course. I can't think straight, I can't commit to any engagements and I can't seem to write.

I have about 6 different "drafts" of a blog post sitting in my blogger account. I begin to write something, on some random subject, and I never finish it.

It's not like I am just sitting around- I am super, SUPER busy - but my brain does not seem to want to allow my hand to type a coherent thought.

I thought I should write about that, instead. Sometimes it's best not to try too hard. Just say what's on your mind. So, that's it - I officially have writer's block.

Not that I ever write about anything of importance or interest to most people. I am sure over 60% of my readers are just nosy. ;-) The rest of you who try to glean something from my dribble or truly do care about me, may actually read and wonder where I am.

I have been trying to figure out what in the hell is going on. I spoke to our Curator today and told him about my plight. I explained that I can't write and I want to sleep all of the time. He told me he thought my mind was simply trying to protect itself and deal with the stress. He reminded me of everything I have gone through in the past year. I sort of stared at him with a blank face and thought to myself, "But I've dealt with it all." Or have I?

If I look at the calendar, about one year ago (exactly, I left Birmingham.) A lot has happened, and lord knows, I've discussed it at great length with anyone who will listen. So what is this unresolved, restless issue that seems to be plaguing me? 


Leanne said...

I think it's a seasonal thing, too. I'm feeling it. Have been, for a while. I was going to write a blog about it . . . But I think I'm too tired to. Been feeling like my mind is an old MTV commercial - with images flowing in and out at rapid speeds. Although instead of "flock of seagulls", "Duran Duran", and the man walking on the moon, my images are of work files and loads of laundry and filled up calendars and piles of school papers and dirty dishes and empty candle jars and telephones ringing and emails to be read and then this overwhelming desire to sleep. I feel it, too, my friend. We need some R&R at a tranquil spa somewhere. You find the place, and I'll meet you there.

somerempress.com said...

Hi/ Dear Nicole:
It's not you, it's Life. Sometimes we get that "block", and there's not much getting around it, until one of it's components fall off. It's probably an indication that we have too much on our plate, or haven't narrowed down our list of truly important goals. Please note that I say "we", because I am often plagued by the same seeming lack of mobility or progress on different matters, be it writing, or just plain desire to get those important things done. I find that to be unique to folks with many talents and gifts. Be encouraged however, that this too shall pass. You may need rest, or just an opportunity to "unplug" somewhere.

Be Well! :)


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