Sunday, October 28, 2012


Sparkle -
v. spar·kled, spar·kling, spar·kles

1. To give off sparks.

2. To give off or reflect flashes of light; glitter.

3. To be brilliant in performance.

a. To shine with animation: He has eyes that sparkle.

b. To flash with wit: Her conversation sparkled all evening.
Are you ready to sparkle?
This week we are going to embrace our inner glow stick and light up our communities. It's time, don't you think?
What amazes me more than anything is how absolutely unique each and every one of us are. We are each born with innate gifts and qualities that no one else can lay claim too. Are you embracing your fireworks or are you like some sparkler on the Fourth of July that fizzles out almost as soon as it was lit?
I suppose the most important thing is to make sure you have fuse and a match. I would equate that to passion and drive. Your purpose will follow suit if those two elements are in order.
This week let's identify what it is that brings us happiness and what drives you to get up in the morning and try a little harder. I believe that if we identify those key ingredients, we will be set to sparkle and shine for years to come.

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