Tuesday, October 2, 2012

An Island

I'm trying my hand at learning to be my own best friend.
It's not easy, not by a long shot.
It's something I need to learn how to do.
I've grown accustomed to attending events alone.
I can now comfortably go out to eat alone (but only at lunch, not sure how dinner would feel.)
I can attend a festival alone.
I enjoy shopping alone.
I suppose the only logical next step is to actually learn how to enjoy
being alone.
It's a slow process..
But it is happening.
Isn't it strange?
You can be surrounded by people all day, every day..
yet feel absolutely alone....
My goal? Feel content... with only my thoughts.
THAT will be an accomplishment.


Robyn Burke said...

I remember going through that particular learning curve. The thought of being alone filled me with absolute terror at one point in time. I still remember a friend offering me a weekend at a monastery, so I could spend time alone with my thoughts. !!! that idea horrified me-- I could think of nothing worse. But, today I love being alone. I can hermit really good. LOL. How did this change happen? Not overnight that's for sure. it was a process, like most things in life.... and you will get there Nicole!!

Mama Hen said...

Being alone is something we all need to adjust to at times. I have always liked my alone time and being peaceful in thought. However, for many being alone is something they have to work at. Especially when being used to having others around all the time. Enjoy the peace of your own company. I hope all is well! Have a great day!

Mama Hen


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