Saturday, October 6, 2012

Things I Have Learned This Week

1. When watching the presidential debate, it is important to realize people only hear and approve what they want to hear and approve. It blows my mind that apparently there were two completely different takes on the debate. At the end of the day - I do think Romney did a good job, however he did not stick to the facts. I think Obama held back. Come on Mr. Prez, pull out the punching gloves next time.

2. It is fun to promote Breast Cancer Awareness. We had an event at the Museum last night, and wearing the pink, sparkly ribbons and listening to some scary stories was both inspiring and sobering. Did you know that genetics really does not play as much of a role as it was once thought. If you are a girl - 1 in 8 chance of getting breast cancer. I don't care who the biggest killer is (heart disease,) if there is a 1 in 8 chance of me getting some form of cancer, that's not a good thing.

3. Why do I feel the need to share this (again) but I am totally focused if I have breakfast and coffee in the morning. It's amazing.

4. I need to step away from sweet things. My new meds, Metformin, are making me feel sooooo sick whenever I eat something sweet. The truth is, I don't eat sweets a lot.. but lord have mercy, when I do....

5. The ice is breaking. Sometimes apologies, not nagging, and just staying the "eff" away can make a HUGE difference. I. Just. Want. Peace.

6. I'm sorta over the whole hash browns thing.

7. I actually look forward to time with my niece each weekend. That may seem weird to read that - however, I am not a fan of children. I am a huge fan of her.

8. Sitting in a coffee shop with tons of friends really makes me happy. I had so much fun last night.

9. The Greek Corner Deli on Cherry and 2nd St in Macon, hands down, makes the best Greek Salad in the WORLD!

10. That when a man says he knows women's shoes, and you tell him your favorite shoe is your Nine West Black Leather Stiletto Slingbacks, and he says, "Yep, those are $69.99" - You really should believe him. (Every girl knows all Nine West shoes are $69.99)

11.  That the polar ice caps are melting decades faster than earlier predicted. (Yes, I learned that last night.) That can't be good.

12. That Mitt Romney likes Clean Coal. Oxymoron?

13. Mitt Romney wants to cut Big Bird and NPR. (Enough reason for me NOT to vote.) BTW.. did you know.. (according to my friend Tanya.. who happens to be a News Director for Alabama Public Broadcasting) "The federal investment in public broadcasting equals about one one-hundredth of one percent of the federal budget. Elimination of funding would have virtually no impact on the nation’s debt."

14. I am about to be a co-writer for a HUGE project for ESPN. It's a documentary. That's all I can SAY. I am sooooooooooooooooooooo excited.

15. Scheduling time to do a wine tasting is more difficult than I thought. (Ooh La La Wines asked me to blog about my experience.) You know you are busy when you don't even have time to taste wine.

16. I took a little break from my diet this week, decided to just live normally, but in a smart way, and I actually lost 1 pound. Hmmm.. my new skills are habits now. Me likey!

17. That if I don't clean out my car, I might very well end up with some dreaded disease. I'm sure of it.

18. That my husband, with all of his faults, has the most beautiful feet. 1. I hate feet. 2. I hate man feet.  So.. to get this compliment from me is a truly big thing. The man is meticulous about grooming, so they are just well taken care of. (And yes.. he is straight.)

19. Detangler. Amazing.

20. Finally.. I honestly look forward to this list each week. Thanks for indulging me in my narcissistic hobby of writing a blog.

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