Saturday, March 31, 2012

Guest Blog Post - Dear College Graduate

Anna Kaye

I am thrilled to introduce you guys to someone who has become very special to me. Meet Anna Kaye, the author of Organized Chaos, and former intern of mine.

AKG came to me a couple of years ago, looking for some much needed guidance in the world of public relations. She was hard working, extremely creative, and truly a beautiful soul. Now - here we are, a few years down the road, and as she and I were talking about our employment journey (crazy that she and I are BOTH out there pounding the trail in the same field,) I thought it might be interesting to get her take on life after graduation.

No longer starry eyed, she has a true sense of what it's like in the "real world." I hope you enjoy her post.

PS- please visit her blog and follow her! She is a great writer!

Dear College Student by Anna Kaye G.

Dear College Student,

It’s been an incredibly unpredictable 3 years since I flipped my tassel at Samford University’s commencement ceremonies in May of 2009. As I stood with my parents and grandparents, posing for pictures, saying good bye to my roommates and clutching my Journalism degree in hand, outwardly I was ready to take on the world, but inwardly I was terrified.

So I became one of those statistics that moved back in the parental units as I unpacked my suitcase and settled back into my childhood room, I remember telling myself I had to hit the ground running for this job search and feeling very overwhelmed with where to even begin.

A job is a job. No matter what anyone says to you. I remember working at Cracker Barrel after I graduated and a man from the community, a Doctor no less, told me “Your parents have spent all that money on school and you’re working here?” Those “uplifting” words made me feel like a failure like I somehow wasn’t measuring up to the invisible standard that was set for post graduates.

Fast forward the next few months and I finally have my feet on the ground somewhat. I’ve managed to hold down a job at an insurance firm in Nashville TN for the past year and a half. I may not be where I initially thought I would end up, but I’ve been able to provide for myself and save for the future and have my own place.

Don’t be afraid of the future. Yes it’s scary, uncertain and sometimes not very kind but keep being persistent. Remember to surround yourself with strong relational bonds with family and friends who will support and encourage you. As you go through your classes make sure maintain in contact with your professors, supervisors at jobs and internships. Their contacts and advice is very invaluable and will benefit you as you start the job searching process.

Always keep perspective, even if you don’t end up where you want to be just yet, remember you won’t stay there forever. A job doesn’t define your self worth. It doesn’t mean you aren’t talented or that you don’t have gifts to give. It may take you a little longer than you like but the lessons you learn as you go through these experiences will shape your character and humility.

“In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on.”

Robert Frost

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SharleneT said...

In the real world, roughly 70% of college grads do NOT end up in the field they studied. But, that's not the point of college in an employer's mind. The point is whether or not you finished your 'job' of getting educated and did well. Can you stick with it. Some of the lucky ones do get in their field, only to discover it wasn't what they thought it would be and change direction. You're right. A job is a job, but it can be a catalyst and expose you to ways of earning a living that could fantastic beyond your wildest dreams. Hang in there.

Rebecca Lee Curry said...

As a somewhat recent college graduate, I completely agree with Anna Kaye's comments. Sometimes people enjoy this "pie-in-the-sky" way of thinking, and though it is important to keep ambitious goals in mind to try and consistently better your standard of living, an understanding of reality - as is the theme of Anna Kaye's post - is necessary.
Keeping in touch with professors and supervisors is also exceptionally important! Just this past week I shared a 30 minute conversation with a former professor of mine that completely encouraged and uplifted me. Holding relationships with encouraging, positive people is essential to bettering your life!

Tyler Thursby said...

This is great stuff. Feel like this is an awesome resource for anyone in the job market. We should swap links!
For anyone else looking for job interview advice, stop by my site.


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