Saturday, March 3, 2012

Inspiration For SPRING!

I will finally accept the fact that it is almost spring. Granted, I never actually had a winter, but that's okay, at least spring in middle Georgia is beautiful enough to make me forget all of the other seasons.

I am actually excited about Spring. In the south, there are dozens of festivals to attend. Our cities bloom like nothing you have ever seen. I promise to try to attend as many as possible, just so you can get the full effect of what I am talking about.

Today, I am sending you visuals. Plenty of inspiration for spring - from clothes to recipes to gardening tips. (Of course, it's all my opinion, of course!)

If you want to view the original sources for any of these pictures, simply follow me on pinterest. There you will find the pics with links to the original owners. A link to do so is on the left hand side of my wall.

NOW - let's think SPRING!

It's typically hard for me to let go of my dark colors, even in spring. I found this outfit and thought it was the cutest thing. Every owns a pair of khaki shorts, and how about that animal print bag?? I thought it was sassy enough to keep the darker color edge I like, as well as keep you cool down here! (Yes, it climbs into the 80s and 90s in the spring here.)

This year, I have fallen in love with gray again. I go through phases with gray - but it's back in my wardrobe. I thought this little outfit was too cute. Looks comfy for every day. Not to mention, I am super in love with anything lotus - loving the necklace and silver nail polish!

My parents have a huge garden, and I really want to find my own place and have a little garden. I thought this was such a clever idea. A great way to recycle old rain boots. Plus, the colors are so whimsical. I think this would look great on the fence!

Zucchini Fritters
Speaking of gardens - need some new ways to eat the veggies you are growing? I love this idea. These are Zucchini Fritters. Just click on the link to be taken straight to the recipe. The ingredients can come straight from your garden and farmer's market:
 2c zucchini, 1/2 cup potato, 1 TBS chives, 1 TBS mint, lemon zest, egg, onion, flour, butter, salt, greek yogurt, lemon juice

This outfit screams NICOLE - BUY ME. I am definitely more comfortable in pants over shorts - and this has the colors I would wear. Still has a cover, just in case it gets cold. LOVE it for roaming around on a Saturday to meet friends for coffee.

How many old bikes do you find at flea markets. Heck, how many do you have in your garage? Why not put it on the patio, paint it a fun color and let it stand as a wonderful addition to your garden? I love this idea. Even if I end up in an apartment, how cute would this be on a patio?

I would love to go to an old salvage place, get some old tires, paint them bright colors and do this in the backyard. I think it would look cute and bring so much character to the area Autumn plays in.

I am not a big fan of the sticks in plants (heck, mine never stay up,) but if you drink a lot of wine, and have been collecting your corks - this is a great idea for a plant marker.

This looks like a dream for me. Saturday afternoon's reading by the garden?! I am sure there have GOT to be kits at Lowe's and Home Depot. Would be fun to create!

I have been selecting flowers I want to plant, and this is snow crocus blue pearl. I love the color!

I am finally gearing up for heading back to the gym - and I found this fabulous water bottle that will hold everything you need! Not to mention, it is blue!

This just says, "Nicole - let's go on a road trip and why don't you wear this as you wonder the streets?" I love the colors.

Time for a spring bag. THIS BAG.Seriously, I pick this bag.

Another every day wear for spring!

Again, I mentioned I did not like sticks in the plants. Here's a fun way to mark your plants, without worrying if the stick will get knocked over or blown away during a storm. Plus, I live with artists, could get some neat stuff out of them.

We have some old trees just laying around, since we live in the Oconee National Forest, and had to have the land cleared for my parent's home. What a neat way to utilize the wood!

Time to help the parentals with a little more curb appeal!

Always wanted to try and plant some English Lavender

How about some frozen lemonade with coconut rum? How a great cocktail for when friends come over to admire your garden!

I am in love with this outfit. That shirt is fabulous!

Another great way to use your goodies from the garden - these are watermelon bites. with feta & mint!

Or how about some cheddar drop biscuits with rosemary and thyme?

I am crazy about turquoise - I fell in love with these!

Pink is the color of Macon - how about jazz it up a bit for work? ;-)

Using items from your herb garden - Homemade cilantro dressing

I love the purple border to the garden.

Basically, I hope each of you takes some time and think of ways you can help the earth with it's birthday! I like to think of spring as earth's birthday - it's waking up, and putting on it's Sunday best. Maybe you can start with one plant, inside. Or maybe you can get creative and use some of these ideas. It never hurts to try.

Try growing some veggies, fruit or herbs. Attempt some recipes with your organically grown items.

Pick out a few new outfits to lounge around in.

I'm actually looking forward to spring. Today I am putting away the sweaters, the coats, and preparing to hang my greens, my light blues, my pinks.

It's time my friends. :-)

Don't forget, to see the sources and get more info - head to my pinterest page.


Joyce said...

A beautiful collection! I'm originally a Northern girl, so Spring/Summer in the South KILLS me! But it is beautiful, so I will focus on that. (I've lived here 13 years, so I should be used to it by now!) And your collection has given me a lot of great ideas! :-)

becca said...

how cute i'm so excited for spring

Anonymous said...

Wow wow wow. Love beyond all measure, actually did a little Squee over the log and rainboot planters. Fantastic, glad I found your blog!

Ashley DeRose said...

Where do you find that beautiful water bottle? I love it!


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