Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Morning Rituals

*Photo source ysvoice,tumblr

Today feels great, as far as I am concerned. I have a better handle on my emotions, better idea of what is next, and just a sense of my needs versus my wants.

Also, I did not allow any black clouds to hover last night.

As I was sitting here this morning, checking out what's going on through FB and Pinterest, eating my bagel with pineapple cream cheese and drinking my water - I got to thinking about how much I miss my morning rituals.

Remember all of my posts about my sun room? My daily routine before work? The hours I would spend in there on a Saturday? The Sunday afternoon naps with the rain pounding on the skylights?

Man.. I sure do miss that room, and my rituals.

Wherever I move, I hope to create more rituals.
I want to get up and read the morning paper. Not online, in my actual hand. I want to pour my cup of coffee or espresso and just digest what is going on in the town I am living.

I want to make sure I read my morning meditation as well as take a moment to thank God for yet another day.

If time is permitted, go for a quick, brisk walk - just to get the blood flowing.

I need more my morning routines.

What do you do in the mornings that help you get through the day?

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