Sunday, March 11, 2012

Weekend Fun!

Enjoy a little photo journey of the past week!

Yesterday we all attended the Second Saturday Festival in Gray, Georgia. Here is Autumn creating a masterpiece out of chalk.

This is a project Gray Station Better Hometown (the organization my sis is the Executive Director of) is trying to accomplish. Take an old patch of land and turn into something fabulous for the entire community.

On our way to the festival. I told her to smile.. she did not. :-(

Met up for some lunch with my friend Lisa & Leslie last Sunday.

It is so nice being reunited with the Vampire cat. :-)
Ma mere

An adorable little cupcake shop inside the little book store.

The top row had key lime cupcakes! These are by Halo Desserts.
Kema's Hobby Book Store that I adore...

More activities for the kids. Autumn was coloring her shamrock hat.

Mom doing a little face painting.

I was prepared. I had a cup of coffee (called Organo Gold Latte - was sold at the festival,) and my book. :-)


Leanne said...

Absolutely LOVE these pictures. Oh, I see so much of your mom in you, and in Autumn. Not sure if your personalities are the same, but I sure wee it in your smiles and your eyes. LOVE it!

How is that book? It looks fabu - I may have to look into it.

Thinking of you - hope things are going well. My soul is feeling a little better today . . . it's been a rough couple months. SO wish you lived closer - would love to meet for coffee. One of these days! Hugs.

TV's Take said...

Great pictures and it does look like a great day!

scrapwordsmom said...

First of all ....your hat is cute and you look wonderful in it. Not everyone can pull a hat off...but you can!

I agree with Leanne...I see so much of your Mom in you and Autumn.

Lovely day. My kind of day!!


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