Sunday, March 25, 2012

It's Official

Perhaps I am bonkers - but I have decided to take the next step with this blog!

Are you ready?

Oh I am sooo excited to share this!

I have decided to accept ads on my blog!! WOO HOO! I originally made a promise to myself to only offer space if I reached 25,000 a week. Well - we just reached 50,000 + clicks a week.. sooo.. I think it is time I make good on that promise!

It's going to work a little something like this:

1. You contact me if you are interested at Make sure to put 'AD SPACE' in the subject line.

2. Here you will send me an attachment of your ad, specify the dates you would like to run it, and I will send you an agreement.

3. There will be two options: 1. Advert above the blog post or 2. Advert below the blog post.
I have made some changes to my blog, and only one post will appear on the main page, per day, so there will be less clutter and confusion.

4. Cost: Advert above the post will run $20 a month. Advert below the post will run $10 a month. Each require a 3 month commitment.

5. Payment can be Money Order or Check or trade of sorts (pending the wares you are peddling. ;-) )
Once payment is received and processed, your ad date will be begin and end 90 days following.
*I will email address for payment as requested


Make sure to spread the word to your friends! :-)


Interested in purchasing ad space? Your ad could be RIGHT HERE.
Email for more details.


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