Friday, March 2, 2012

Creating Your Own Space

Where do you go to unwind? It's a simple question, however, sometimes the answer is not so easy to come up with.

Believe it or not, my "unwinding" or "feeling at peace"space usually involves  a cup of coffee. I realize that is not something you would typically think of when "winding down," but there is something about the aroma, the warmth, and the way it lifts my mood that always makes it a-ok in my book.

Another place I am able to let out a deep sigh of relief is at a book store. I love wandering the aisles of books, just scanning the titles, admiring the covers, and reading the little synopsis on the back. Perhaps it is because I crave information, or maybe it's just focusing in on one thing. The smell of the paper, the whispers down the aisles- it just calms my nerves.

I also feel this sort of peace when I go to church. Not when it is full of people, that actually causes me a little anxiety, but more so if it is in the middle of the day. Most Catholic churches are open, and I will go inside, bless myself with holy water, kneel at a pew, and just pray. Sometimes I just sit. I find peace in stillness.

The reason I ask this question, is because my devotion/meditation for the day actually hit on finding your personal retreat. It went on to say that it doesn't have to cost anything, or have to be a place, but it asked that important question: Where do you go to find your center? To unwind? To find peace?

Immediately images of a hot bath, a walk by the sea, sitting on a porch swing - so many images popped into my mind. I find comfort in the oddest places. Even though I am quite talkative if you catch me at the right time, in the past few years I have turned into bit of a loner, and I like it. That means many of my "centering" places are typically space where I can be alone.

This blog is another place that calms me. I love to write. Yes, I have typos and misspelled words. Sure I skip letters or space, or flat out screw up some grammar. I was NOT an English major. I was a Journalism major. Which means, I like the facts and I like to tell stories. Period.

I guess today, I challenge you to figure out where you go to center, to unwind, to find peace. I would love to hear about your place. As I seek to find my way on this crazy, winding path - I like to pick up a few tricks along the way. I look forward to reading your comments!


Bossy Betty said...

You remind me that I need a place like this. Book stores always do it for me too, but I haven't been to one lately.

Anna Kaye said...

When I lived with my parents, I loved any place by our creeks and our fields. One day as I was hiking I found a small opening behind home trees past our fields and it felt like my personal sanctuary. I was hidden from the world. with just trees surrounding that small patch of land. I saw some deer run past one day as I sitting on a tree stump reading. It was so cool. I miss that place a lot.


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