Friday, March 30, 2012


Blog Post #2 of the day..

But I love getting your feedback.

Sooo.. I am going apartment shopping this weekend. I am looking at three different locations and would love to know which one you like the best! (How cool is that - to get feedback from so many people?)

Each one has a unique look and feel, but it's hard to decide. I will be touring them on Saturday. Each one falls into my budget, and they are all located downtown.

My top choice is #1 The Broadway Lofts

Broadway Lofts I from The Brainstorm Lab on Vimeo.

Then here is one more video on this place:

My second choice is Katherine Court

Finally my third choice is The Terrace Apartments.

Hmmm.. which would you choose?


TV's Take said...

Sounds like things are truly looking up!

Shawn said...

Oh my, I think I might be a tad behind on your life!! Things seem to have taken a turn..but sounds like a very positive turn!



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