Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A few of my favorite things...

What we like and what we label as a "favorite" might change from time to time. Like you, I try to expose myself to many, many different things each week. Along the way, I pick up a few things I become "interested" in. Of course, I like to use the word "obsessed" because I am such a PASSIONATE person.

I do collect certain things (not so much knick-knacks,) but art, books, music, or movies. I tend go on a certain "food kick" or buy only certain colors of clothes or jewelry.

Today, I thought I would share with you some of the things I might label "favorites." (But we really know, they are my OBSESSIONS!)

Macon, my home town, is known as the Cherry Blossom Capitol of the World, (or so it claims.) I have always thought the Yoshino Cherry Tree was the most beautiful flowering tree. I saw this really cute idea for making your own little work of art - the Cherry Blossom Tree. I am wanting to give it a try, and having a little unique piece of art work for my walls in my future office or home!

I am so glad I waited for the Kindle. NOW the Kindle Fire is calling my name. There are three things I plan to buy when I get back on my feet - this is at the top of my list.

I found a website with 50 different Grilled Cheese Sandwich recipes. I LOVE (and always have loved) Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Henry Cavill. You may not know him, but he played the Duke of Suffolk in The Tudors. He is 29 years old and not only a gorgeous man, but a really talented actor. He is from the Island of Jersey in the Channel Islands. You will be hearing more about him in the future - he scored the role of the next Superman. ;-)

Since moving out to the country, I have been begging my family to make use of the space- get some goats, maybe a few chickens. Here is this novel idea for a Chicken Tractor. Basically it is a chicken house you can move around, to help fertilize the land. I want fresh eggs!!

Found this on Pinterest. What a GREAT idea. Basically, you put all of your important documents into one binder, and in case of an emergency or fire, THIS is what you grab. Love it!

Out of nowhere - I want a pair of boots. Real boots. Specifically - these boots. Too cute!

Be still my beating heart, I have a celeb crush on Ian Somerhalder. Once you get pass his striking blue eyes and gorgeous bone structure, there is a very talented actor and philanthropist. He started his own Nonprofit called ISF. He is an activist when it comes to stray animals and the environment. You can find Ian as Damon Salvatore on the CW hit series, "Vampire Diaries," which I totally got into on Netflix.
Ian is 34 years old and originally from Covington, Louisiana.
PS - did you know they shoot the Vampire Diaries about 45 minutes from my house? Well, they do!

I want a black cat, and I love art work that has anything to do with The Day of the Dead (All Souls Day.)
I could not find the original artist for this piece, but I love it and want more!

No surprise here - TRAVEL. I am obsessed with travel, or planning trips, or researching destinations.

Buying a big comfy chair just for me. Kinda like THIS chair. In my new place (God Willing,) I will have something similar.

I have fallen in love with these "love letter" sheets from Anthro.

Pictures of painted elephants. I love this.

Printed bags with maps on them. This particular map is of Paris. LOVE.

What a novel idea for keeping Christmas Cards. I hate that I get so many each year, and only end up tossing them. I want to keep them, and what a better way than with this type of project?

Cameos. LOVE.

I have always been obsessed with traveling to the Greek Isles, and now that Egypt is pretty much on lock down for a while (thank to the stormy government,) I think the egyptian and I should spend some time in the Greek Isles.

Classic cars

I want this bathroom. I love the color scheme. I love the Buddha.

I really want to try parahawking in Nepal.

I also want to take a "tea tour" in Darjeeling.

I have been obsessed with Audrey Hepburn since I was a teen ager. Still love the style of "Breakfast at Tiffany's."

Blue Nail polish!

Older designed bikes - in sea foam green!

I have been trying to adapt some Buddhist principles into my lifestyle. Don't worry, I am still Catholic. I just like some of the simple ideas.

Going Organic. 10 years going strong - my obsession!

Any ring with a blue stone - aquamarine.

Another celeb crush - Jared Leto. He is both a phenomenal actor and the lead singer of 30 Seconds to Mars. Jared is 41 years old and a super interesting person. Like me, he went searching for some life answers and found his way to a monastery for a "retreat" and came out with a clear understanding of who he was. That's where he came up with the song for The Kill - it's about finding yourself, which today, remains my favorite song of all time. He was born in Bossier City, Louisiana.

Since I was a little girl, I have always been obsessed with anything French- specifically, Paris.

Enrique Iglesias - WOW. Another celeb crush. Enrique is an amazing singer and performer, not to mention GORGEOUS. He is 37 years old and from Madrid Spain. LOVE his music.

For years, these are the colors I like to wear or decorate with. Plus, I love birds- specifically colorful birds. I have been intrigued by Peacocks ever since my Granny showed me a peacock feather as a child. I was blown away at how perfectly beautiful its colors were.

Really interesting doors.

I mentioned I love birds, right? I do - even these little fellas!
I have always said, if reincarnation was real, I would want to come back as a bird.

I still want a Keurig.

Lettuce wedges. YUM

These colors are my FAVORITE right now.

I have a fascinator in black, I WANT this one. I LOVE fascinators.

What are some of your faves these days?
Also, I challenge you to think about how your favorite picks have evolved over the years!

Have a GREAT day!

PS - Interview # 2 with the radio station tomorrow!!


Anna Kaye said...

I love Ian Somerhalder,gorgeous man. Nina Dobrev is super lucky. I didn't know it was filmed close to your house so cool! The actor from the Tudors is hot too. The aquamarine ring is beautiful. You always find such creative things!

Joyce said...

Good luck tomorrow! I am now in love with that Ian dude, I hope my hubby understands, lol. And we are planning to get chickens next year and I love that moveable coop idea! Thanks for all the favorites! :-)

Leanne said...

Awe . . . I LOVE THESE!!! These are often some of my favorite posts of yours (you always find the coolest stuff!) And this one is NO exception! I love the cherry blossoms - and the painted elephant - and the colors - and the bathroom - and the grilled cheese - and the emergency binder - and the . . . . . . .


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