Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Q & A pour moi!

I got the sweetest email from Cindy in North Carolina this morning. She mentioned that I have not done any posts with questions and answers for a while. She then proceeded to submit a few for me to answer right here!

So for my second post of the day (and I promise my last!) I am going to do a Q & A for all of you!
If you have a blog, and would like to do the same - just cut and paste Cindy's questions and put the link in the comment section, so we can read your answers! Okay - here it goes:

1.Do you really believe in karma? Actually, I do. I believe that what we put out into the world does come back to us. I believe in energy. If you emit positive energy and do good deeds, you will be rewarded. I also believe if you emit negative energy and treat others poorly, it will also come back to you.

2. When's the last time you folded the laundry? Actually, I will be folding laundry right when I finish this post. I did a load (my clothes from my trip to Birmingham to see the egyptian!) I suppose this second post of the day is the perfect procrastination.

3. Do you eat breakfast every morning? No, but I should. Unless of course you count coffee. If breakfast is available, heck yeah! But typically, no.

4. Do you wear contacts or glasses? I actually have a pair of glasses. However, my vision is 20/20 - I was prescribed them for eye strain. (Too much reading and time spent in front of the computer.)

5. Does your best friend have contacts or glasses? Honestly, maybe one or two friends wear glasses or contacts. Many have gotten the Lasik procedure. Vain little kittens that we all are. ;-)

6.Do you watch America's Funniest Home Videos? On occassion. I used to, when I was younger. It's just not as funny as it used to be.

7.Do you like wearing sweaters? I do! Just not the big, thick bulky ones. I prefer winter clothes.

8. Is your laptop currently charging? Yes! Always on the charger.

9. Have you ever had a manicure? Yes! The only kind I will get is a french manicure.

10. Do you air dry your hair or blow dry? I mainly blow dry my hair. If I have no where to be, I will let it air dry, but it is a scary sight to see if I do that!

11. Do you wet your tooth brush then put the toothpaste on or the other way? Wet first! (Eww.. I would hate to foam it up the other way.)

12. Have you ever had popcorn with carmel on it? Heavens - Yes! It's pretty darn good, don't you think?

13. Do you like to have camp fires in the summer? Goodness, is there a better a smell in the world?? I love camp fires, and I love the smell of my clothes after being near one. Weird, huh?

14. Was it cold out today?  Not so much. Unseasonably warm temps, even for the south.

15. Have you ever seen the movie Hairspray? I did see it, on the way back from Amsterdam on the plane. It was cute.

16. Do you want some candy right now? Anytime is a good time for candy!

17. Do you like wearing dresses? I LOVE LOVE LOVE wearing dresses. Any excuse to get dressed up - and I am there.

18. Are your arms hairy or just normal? Normal. Any hair on my arms happens to be blond, which is interesting, since the rest of my hair is really dark. But my eye lashes are light also.

19. Would you ever shave your arms? Hell no. And I HATE when someone who does happens to accidentally touch my arm with theirs. It pricks my arm. Ewww.. plus, it is sooo obvious when someone does. I say wax it or just love yourself. Ewwww...

20. Do you tend to agree with people just to fit in?  Oh, the exact opposite. I will disagree with you in a heart beat. Doesn't make me the most popular person.

21. Do you hate how some movies have songs every 5 minutes? Yeah, sometimes it is a little obvious they are trying to sell a soundtrack. But sometimes, a soundtrack can make the movie!

22. Would you rather have lived in the 60s or 70s? Well, I actually lived through most of the 70s, and since it was pretty okay.. I will stick with the 70s.

23. Do you own one of those Livestrong bracelets?
Nope, nor am I familair.
24. Are you currently fighting with someone? No, I am laying low these days.

25. How tall are you? I actually shrunk! I am now officially 5 '1 3/4

26. Would you rather dance forever or sing?
Trick question?? LOL Dance, silly. I LOVE dancing.
27. Are you looking forward to tomorrow? Always!

28. On a scale 1-10 how much do you like spaghetti? 4 Not a great big fan, but not against it either. It is definitely something I do not crave.

29. Did you see the new movie Soul Surfer? No. Not a big fan of surfing movies. Even the ones that are brilliant and tear jerkers.

30.Can you wait until summer? Most certainly. I have some things up my sleeve. Need to make then happen soon.

31. What age did you stop playing with dolls? Officially, I was 12. It was hard to put up my Barbies.

32. What makes you want to take a survey? I don't know, it's kind of fun to make yourself come up with a definitive answer.

33. Is your life your phone? Absolutely not.

34. Does anyone currently like you right now? I would assume, the egyptian.

35. Do you know someone who is so good at lying?  Heck yeah.

36. Are you living your life a lie? Nope. Kinda hard to lie when you have pretty much nothing. ;-)

37. Do you like scary movies? I LOVE scary movies.

38. Do you believe that theres life out there some where else? Not sure. I think anything is possible.

39. Would you rather visit: The Eiffel Tower or Egyptian Pyramids? Since I have visted the Egyptian Pyramids already, I would like to see the Eiffel Tower next..

40. What smiley face currently expresses you? I'm a winker. Always joking around, and a bit sarcastic.

41. Do you watch the show The Simpsons? I have, but I am not a fan.

42. Who is your favorite cartoon character? As a kid, I really enjoyed Bugs Bunny. So I guess those characters were cool.

43. Who was the last person you held hands with? The egyptian.

44. Would you like to work at a candy shop? Honey, I liked to work at any shop. ;-)

45. When you wash your hands, do you always use soap?
Yes! When it is available.
46. Do you only buy clothes that are under $20?
If something is on sale - heck yeah!
47. If someone ever caught you cheating, would you confess to it?
Sure. I don't see the point in lying. Especially if you were "caught."
48. Would you be surprised if your most reccent ex called you tonight?
No. That jack ass keeps calling my home talking to my parents. Creepy creeperton.
49. Do you care: not enough, to little or to much?  I fall somewhere in the middle. I have made myself a bit emotionally numb these days.

50. You're phone is ringing. It's your worst enemy. What do you say?  Could you please introduce yourself, because I am not aware I had a worst enemy.

51. Were you single on your last birthday? No. But techinically, I was alone. The egyptian was in New York City.

52. Did anything brighten up your day today?
This sweet survey you sent me!

53.Would you like to go to New Jersey?
Been there, not impressed.

54.Have you heard of the Bed Intruder song?
That remix from Huntsville? If so, yeah.
55.Do you want to cut your hair?
Yes, yes I do.

56.Has someone upset you within the last 48 hours?
Hmmm... no.

57. Will you be dating someone within the next month?

58. Do you like suckers?
As in candy - yes.
59. Do you listen to Rihanna?
I like some of her songs. I don't think she has a strong voice, but she is very beautiful.
60. Next time you will leave the city your in?
There are talks about moving to Los Angeles again. Yep. Last ditch effort with another family member. The egyptian's uncle. Might as well - nothing holding us here!
61.Have you ever had a really big fight with your best friend?
I have had arguements with close friends, sure. Usually over something I am staunchly against - racism, religion, abortion, cheating... stuff like that.
62. Do you wear earrings?
Never leave the house without them.
63.Do you own a red dress?
Yes! two to be exact.
64. Do you like slow or fast songs?
Both - depends on my mood.
65. Do you have feelings for someone?
I have feelings for everyone. I care about everyone. I most care about my egyptian and my niece.

66. Do you like chocolate?
Yes - preferably dark chocolate.
67. Can money buy happiness?
No, but it can ease the stress of financial burdens.
68. What's something you want really bad right now?
Financial independence
Just label everything with a true or false. (:

You have a valentine this year - True.

You have a crush - False.

You have danced today.  False

You have a Facebook. True

You hate getting yelled at. True

You like your first name. True

You're wearing socks. False

Your favorite type of quotes are life ones. True

You'll be going to a concert within the next 6 months. False

You use Herbel Essences shampoo. False

You enjoy reading. True

You would rather be a vampire than a werewolf True.

Your a great dancer. True lol

You can hula hoop. False

You hate going to the dentist. True

The last person you texted was your best friend. False

You would rather be the oppisite sex. False

You love it when a boy smells good.  True

You were once in gymnastics. False

You have anger issues. True

You've been to Wal Mart within the past 2 weeks. True

Your favorite color on a boy is red. False

Someone made you laugh today. False

You like tigers. True

You can plant a flower. True

You're wearing a neckalace. True

It's past 8:00. True

You enjoy scaring  people. True

It's a school night. True

You still have your Christmas lights up. False

Someone made you smile today. False

You've fallen asleep in class. False

You live on a farm. False

You love to smile. True

You think this survey was to long. TRUE



Leanne said...

wow . . . That was a lot of info! I found out stuff about you that I didn't even think I'd EVER know!!! ;) This was fun, but I don't think I could answer all of these!!!

TV's Take said...

WOW, that is indeed the longest survey in bloggy land right now!

EmptyNester said...

Wow, not THAT was time consuming! How long did it take you? I can see where we have some things in common!


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