Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Heidelberg Project

One of the things I have been doing on my Facebook "Destination Unknown" fan page is to post a picture of some place I would like to go some day, or maybe I have been there, and I want to encourage others to travel there.

While doing this, I have been making a list of amazing "destinations." I have found so many places I have never heard of, and I can assure you, I know my geography.

As I find these places, I book mark them, then search for a pic on Pinterest to hold in my "Destination Unknown" board. *shameless plug - Follow the Destination Unknown Fan Page on Facebook - I do soo much more there, and it's very interactive, also follow me on Pinterest. All of the links are on the left hand side.*

One of the places I found that I was immediately drawn to was the Heidelberg Project in Detroit, Michigan. Typically, I will just post a pic and a little info about the place, but today I felt compelled to write more about it. You guys know most of my career has been in non profits and promotions - and this non profit is something I could believe in.

Basically, Tyree Guyton uses every day, discarded objects to create a two block area of symbolic and vibrant art. Heidelburg Street is in the very heart of Detroit, and the ghetto. Poor, run down, desolate, but now there is hope - and it's been happening over the past 25 years. He has taken the idea to heal his community through art - and it's working!

Their Vision Statement inspired me, it says:
The theory of change for the Heidelberg Project begins with the belief that all citizens, from all cultures, have the right to grow and flourish in their communities. The HP believes that a community can redevelop and sustain itself, from the inside out, by embracing its diverse cultures and artistic attributes as the essential building blocks for a fulfilling and economically viable way of life.

HDNet - "Art From The Ashes: Detroit's Heidelberg Project" from Tilapia Film on Vimeo.

I would challenge each of you find some little way this week to make a difference in your community. If Tyree and his grandfather could defy the odds with this amazing art project, there has got to be something we could do in our very own communities.

If you feel compelled to do so, please donate to the Heidelberg Project HERE.
Or if you are interested in visiting the area, like I am, you can find more information HERE .

Have a beautiful Sunday!

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