Saturday, January 21, 2012

Defining Romance

This morning I got to thinking about romance, and what it really means to me - and you!

Obviously, I'm a girl, so my idea of what is romantic is some how tied to what I find to be beautiful, or overly emotional, and very possessive in nature.

I came to this conclusion when I was trying to think of visual images, or actions, to share that could evoke the feelings of romance - all within my framework of what is considered romantic.

For instance, I love the idea of changing your last name when you get married. When I married the egyptian, I debated changing my last name, since it was Arabic and could raise an eyebrow from time to time when I send a resume out. I know that is a ridiculous reason, but more and more I often wonderful if I am passed over because employers assume I might be a foreigner or even more shocking - a Muslim.

But at the end of the day, I decided to change my name. Why? It made me feel married. When in Egypt, we had a simple, casual ceremony. Then in America, the same thing. Our reception was more of a party - so I did not get the white dress "married" feeling. By changing my last name, I became his. (possession - see?) I liked the idea that we were now officially "family."

I find the idea of flowers to be very romantic. When I was younger, no way. But now, I appreciate their beauty. When I saw this bouquet for a girls wedding, I thought it was the most romantic idea of all - her flowers were wrapped in the lace from her mother's wedding dress.

How romantic is that?

Lace, pearls, flowers, anything delicate and sentimental says romance to me.

I even have my Great Grandmother's crucifix. I have my maternal grandmother's wedding band. I have my paternal grandmother's cameos - all of these items are very romantic to me.

I believe heirloom jewelry and other items passed down from one generation to the next is such a romantic idea.

A romantic dinner for two could be considered highly romantic.

The idea of an intimate setting, candle light, twinkle light, perhaps a glass of wine to invoke the feeling of giddiness and and less inhibition.

Comforting the tummys all the while sharing something as intimate as private conversation.

Some of my more deep conversations with the egyptian have taken place over dinner. We typically talk for a very long time - which is why I love going out to dinner with him.

Every girl should have her chance to wear a white dress for her wedding. If you did not have a wedding, even an intimate gathering with a few witnesses, you missed out. (Yes, I do believe a court house wedding is intimate and just as lovely! As long as you make it romantic.)

But to wear that white gown, and travel down an aisle with your father at your side, to see the man you love, in front of every one you care about and cares about you - that's something you will never forget.

I know I have never shared my pics of my first wedding here, and maybe one day I will. I had a very formal, Catholic wedding to my first husband. My dress was exactly what I wanted.

Whenever I see a wedding gown, I immediately think - romance. More of the tulle and lace and pearls - the better!

A beach side wedding is also extremely romantic in my eyes.

The sound of the surf, the smell of the ocean air, with little hints of flowers...

Whenever I attend a seaside wedding, my nerves calm, and I always think - I would LOVE to have a wedding like this.

Granted, I never did - but I do find it to be an extremely romantic idea.

I find the idea of purchasing a lock, writing your name and your love's name on it, hooking it to a bridge and tossing the key in the water is extremely romantic.

Especially when that bridge happens to be the Ponts des Arts, and that bridge happens to be in Paris, France, and the key just so happens to float to the bottom of the Seine.

Ahh.. words cannot describe.

I totally want to try this one day!

I also find the Loy Kratong (Floating Lantern) Festival in Chiang Mai, Thailand to be very romantic.

It takes place at night, in the 12th month of the Thai Lunar calendar on a full moon. Basically you place a candle inside a banana leaf krathong and release it into the sky.

The act of this represents symbolic of letting go of all one's grudges, anger and defilements, so that one can start life afresh on a better foot. People will also cut their fingernails and hair and add them to the raft as a symbol of letting go of the bad parts of oneself. Many Thai believe that floating a raft will bring good luck, and they do it to honor and thank the Goddess of Water, Phra Mae Khongkha.

The idea of letting it all go - is very romantic to me.

The Lovers of Valdaro happen to be the most romantic of all ideas. Think - ancient "The Notebook."
Believed to be no older than twenty years of age when death occurred. Over 5,000 years old. Locked in an eternal embrace. Tragically, their story is unknown. Ironically, they were found in the city of Mantua, Italy.
This picture symbolizes everything true love should represent. Beautiful, mystifying, tragic.
Have you ever taken the time to watch two birds that have decided to spend their lives together?
The attention to detail, the concern for the nest, the hunting and gathering...
It's all very beautiful.
I like the way the male bird does everything he can to provide for the family, while the female builds the nest.
It's very 1950's Beaver Clever-eque - but beautiful all the same.
Juliet's home - in fair Verona, Italy. Letters for centuries are pasted to the door, asking for advice from Shakespeare's Juliet.
The idea of reaching out to a fictional character for love advice is very romantic.
Perhaps it is the ridiculousness of it all - which is very romantic in nature, is what touches me the most.
I would love to leave a note here.
Did you know that sea otters lock hands with their mate when they go to sleep at night?
This way they do not float away from one another.
I like it.
It's romantic.
It's safe.
Also - did you know that sea horses may spend their entire lives searching for one mate. Once they do, they connect and lock. If one dies, so does the other.
How beautiful? How romantic?
How tragic?
Finally, I like the idea of regardless of what you have gone through as a couple, regardless of the bumps and what not -
I think the most romantic idea of all... if still choosing to be with that person.
That is where I am - I still choose my egyptian.
What's your romantic story?

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