Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year's Day - 2012

I am continuing my little sharing of 2012 (thus far) - with you! I have definitely kept the MOMENTUM going!

Here is a sneak peek at my New Year's day - the one day you guys KNOW I was just revving up for!
Make sure to see the post before this one, to check out New Year's Eve on Tybee Island.

We got up sort of late, and headed down Abercorn to Clary's. Wait a minute, "World Famous" Clary's. ;-) If you were a big fan of "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" - a true story about a murder that took place in Savannah, then you remember this famous restaurant. (You can read the book or watch the movie directed by Clint Eastwood.)

We waited about 30 minutes for New Year's brunch - but was not a problem - the weather was well into the 70s and absolutely not a cloud in the sky.

Typical southern options for Breakfast. (Georgia style.)

I was on a VERY limited budget - and I think I did good!

Outside of Clary's

New Year's Day!

First meal of 2012 - Bagel with cream cheese, a fruit cup, apple juice and two cups of coffee!

My friend, Lisa, went for the grilled pimento cheese!

Two of the sweetest kids - Griffin and Owen (Leslie and Phillip's kids.)

Lisa and Phillip- no - they are not the couple. LOL But Phillip is Leslie's husband and the other "Host" of the weekend.

After brunch, we drove a few miles down Abercorn and made it to River Street. If you are not familiar with Savannah, River Street is like Bourbon Street in NOLA or Beale St in Memphis or Duval in Key West... the main touristy/party street. Very famous St Patrick's day celebration takes place here. I took a shot of my favorite Irish Pub, Kevin Barry's. If you ever make it down there - go at night, around 8ish, and go into the side room where the Irish singers perform. You won't regret it. Live music each night.
I am at the top of the Bohemian. There is a bar on the roof - we decided to head up and take some pics. My hair is BLOWING in the wind. Sorry.. lol...

Leslie, Lisa and I. (Phillip is always taking the pics of all of us! - But he is right there!)

On River Street - if you look to the left you see the big bridge - once you cross the bridge, you are in South Carolina. Everyone just drives across, so they can say they went to South Carolina and back!
After a little shopping, we stopped right along the Savannah River and took a few more shots. This is me and Lisa...

I love sea gulls. Saw a few perched on this railing. Across the river is The Westin hotel. You can take a ferry over there from River Street. The River flows right into the Atlantic Ocean.

As we were walking around, Owen saw a street performer, and decided to tip him. Next thing we know - he is singing along with the guy!

River Street - Savannah is the oldest city in Georgia. Still a major shipping port.

One of the many treats of Savannah, there are several Candy Shops. Every where you go - you can sample pralines. If you remember in another post from my trip back in December - it's prounounced - PRAY-LEENS down here.

I love that I was able to check in on Foursquare, get a 15% discount, and ended up with a nice big back of candy for under $4

Needed a fabulous hat for the new year. LOL

More on River Street

That night we ate at Moon River Brewing Company. I had the most delicious burger - a Black & Blu - Wonderful cut of beef smothered in melted gorgonzola cheese, purple onions and a smoky dijon mustard. It came with a side of sweet potato fries with a yummy cinnamon/vanilla sauce. A nice mix of salt & sweet. PS - Great price!!

Later we went back to the hotel and took a quick rest, drank coffee and headed back out. We stopped by a cemetary late at night. Crazy photo taking by all of us - many caught "orbs" in their shots. Was a bit spooky with the owl hooting in the background...

We darted over to Forsyth Park and took some shots of the fountain.

We even drove down to Thunderbolt Island for an after hours adventure at Bonaventure cemetary.

All in all - Feeling Fabulous for the first day of 2012!

Stay tuned for my final day in Savannah!

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scrapwordsmom said...

Oh what FUN! I must come to the South someday!!!!


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