Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fantasy Valentines Day

Oh, if it be to choose and call thee mine, love, thou art every day my Valentine! ~Thomas Hood

This Valentine's Day, I will probably be in middle Georgia, while my love will be on the West Coast. Definitely does not make it easy, nor optimal. If I had my way, our situation would look completely different.

For today's blog post, I have created my fantasy Valentine's Day. You think I am kidding? Oh.. you are in for a surprise.

Shall we begin?

First of all, I would probably spend the morning making treats for my family and the egyptian. Here are a few  picked out, and I would like to share the recipes with you!

Red Wine Lollipops

I would make Red Wine Lollipops. I saw this recipe on Sprinklebakes.com and was fell in love. If you click on the picture it will take you to the recipe. I could see my closest friends and family devoring these beauties! How romantic and how Valentine's Day!

Sweet Heart Sugar Cookies

Next I would spend the morning baking these beautiful Sweet Heart Sugar Cookies from Southern Living. (again click on the pic to be taken to the recipe.) I believe my Dad and little Auttie Blossom would love these, especially!

White Chocolate Cherry Shortbread Cookies

Finally, I would make for the egyptian and myself, some White Chocolate Cherry Shortbread Cookies from Midwest Living.com. These look divine!

Valentine Confetti

For my friends, I would create these wonderful bags of Valentine Confetti (found on Nest Of Posies - follow link) and deliver to each and every one of them.

After the morning of preparation has finished, the egyptian would arrive in this beautiful classic car. He would be carry in his hand... a bouquet of roses....

Love Sonnet Roses
They would be unique, because he would have taken the pages from a book a love sonnets. He knows I would cherish this, plus - they never die!

He would then intruct me to pack my bags for a week. Would would drive off in the classic car to the airport, where a private jet would be waiting....

Once we got to our destination, we would head over to the hotel and I would change into my Valentine Attire.

Though I would think my dress was complete, he would hand me a box and I would find...

A beautiful pearl necklace with this beautiful brooch attached. Immediately I would put it on and insist he tell me where we are going...

Puglia's Cave Restaurant & Bar - Italy
He would wisk me off to Puglia's Caves, where we would have dinner and drinks over looking the sea.

Next, he would whisk me off to my favorite performance of all - The Ballet. We would relax in our perfect seats and get swept away by the movement, the colors, and the music.

Finally, to end the night, he would give me the cutest and best gift of all - A tiny, black cat.

Ahh... isn't Valentine's Day amazing?

What would you do on your fantasy date?

PS - If you want to know more about the places and recipes and crafts, just click on the picture.


scrapwordsmom said...

I love so many of these!! The Valentine confettie is something I think I'll make for my seminary students!! And that cave in Italy? Wow! Where do you find these cool ideas?? Finally the cherry shortbread things...YUM0O!!

Love your fantasy Valentine!

E said...

Love it! Found you through Big D and me. Hope you can come say hi to me too at www.actfastchef.blogspot.com

becca said...

love it

LBR said...

Holy moly that is SOME DAY!


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