Saturday, January 14, 2012


How can you NOT be inspired on such a beautiful day? It's Saturday morning, and with that, a sense of happiness is just floating along. Maybe it's the energy of all of the kids watching cartoons and getting ready to head outside to play. I don't know - but Saturday just FEELS different.

I have kept the MOMENTUM going and I am staying in good spirits. Trust me, it's been a bit of a test around these parts, but for the most part - I am taking it all in stride.

There is just too much out there to inspire us! Have you taken a moment this week to see it yet?

I have a few truly inspiring videos to share with you. These pieces just warm my heart, give me hope, and hopefully, you will feel the same.

We can find inspiration from animals:

Again - animals and friendship:

People stepping outside of the box -

More of those wild and crazy people who just LIVE -

Or holding onto ideals that one could only dream about -

Or remembering what we were trying to accomplish - before it's too late -

Or how about achieving physical greatness?

Or remembering that every day counts..

Or to look to our youth for guidance -

Finally, we must remember to never give up!

1 comment:

Style Maniac said...

I think that's the best resolution I've seen -- after all that's what life should be about, right?


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