Sunday, January 15, 2012

Things I'm Loving

Every once in a while, I share with you something I am just absolutely loving these days. Well, it's time to do that again!

1. Coffee. It's a simple joy, but one in which I get to take part in each and every morning. The smooth taste, the rich aroma, the slight kick to the brain, it's my drug of choice. This simple pleasure is what I enjoy as I type these words to you.

2. Cameos. I have always admired cameos, but lately, I DESIRE cameos. My grandmother (Thurston) had a beautiful set of black cameo earrings that my parents gave her. Apparently, when she died, my family got them back. My mom gave them to me just a month ago. I have treasured these ever since. I would really like a cameo ring, and apparently there is a matching necklace to these earrings, that I would love to have. (*hint hint for my birthday, Mom. ;-) )

3. Nail Polish. I don't have any reason to get dressed up these days. I probably apply make up maybe once or twice a week now. But there is one thing I have been doing more than ever before - painting my nails. It's a way for me to feel feminine without breaking out all of the expensive cosmetics. Right now I have on a blue slate from Revlon. ($7 from Target, a gift I got from my Target gift card, thanks Anna Kaye!!)

4. Used books. Another saving options has been for me dart up the street to Keema's Hobby Book Store, where she sells used books. I go about once a month and buy a stack (all under $10.) I just finished reading two books - The Book of the Dead by Preston & Child, and Dead Sleep by Greg Iles. Next up - a romance by Debbie Macomber called "Morning Comes Softly." I am able to escape after my morning of blogging and job hunting, and let's be honest.. planning to go into business for myself. ;-)

5. Hummus & Carrots. This is a major thank you to Laura at the blog Twirl, and one of dearest friends in "real life." I usually eat Hummus the way the Egyptians do - with pita or bagel chips. She introduced to me the idea of eating carrots with it. Oh Laura.. I am in love. I don't know why I never thought of it before! I recently purchased a bag of carrots (cut into chips) and have loved every morsel! What a healthy snack!

6. Olive Oil Soap. I bought a 2$ bar of soap from Olive Forge Herb farm and  it is the best soap yet! I use it even on my face, which I was afraid it would end up making my face break out - but it doesn't, AND my skin is in the best condition yet. It is all organic. Again - I highly recommend it.

7. Day trippin'. I have been taking off to little areas and just going to explore. It's been a lot of fun - I will research some random place, and go check it out. Like always, I end up cultivating a relationship with the owners of shops, or the area, it's just what I do. But it's been a nice distraction.

8. Day dreaming. For the first time in a LOOOONG time the world is my oyster. I have been conjuring up some plans, and it's kind of exciting. But FIRST - I need $$ and more than unemployment is giving. I applied to two my more jobs, this time in the other neighboring town of Milledgeville. One is as a Study Abroad Advisor at my old university! How cool would that be??? God willing, I will get an interview and knock em dead! (still thinking of the Peace Corps - but that's a long way away.)

9. Open Communication with the Egyptian. Did I mention we are madly in love? LOL It's nice to be on the other end of this mess. I love that guy. Some one of my favorite things is loving that man!

10. Finally, just seeing the out pouring of love from people who really care about me. Friends I never thought I had came forward, and those that I thought were new friends turned out to be golden. I never forget a nice gesture, or a kind word, and I tell you - I am beyond humbled by their encouragement. PS - I love my blog friends too - you guys have been INCREDIBLE!

Those are just a few of the things I am loving these days. What about you?

**photos were found on pinterest - no idea who they originally belong to! CREDIT WILL BE GIVEN IF YOU ASK!


High Heeled Life said...

Sounds most positive!! I your list is great!! stay positive my friend things are going to be as you wish/need then to be!! ..2012 it's your year!! xo HHL

ruthhill74 said...

Goodness--I love some of the same things you do.

Coffee and used books--the perfect combination.

Vintage cameos are really neat.

I'm not into nail polish, but I should try Olive oil soap!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Tima said...

Loving the list. And it reminds me I need a mani/pedi.

Style Maniac said...

I'm all about simple joys making a big difference. Case in point -- #1 on your list. Our very old coffee maker just broke and we got a new one and somehow it just makes the morning so much more delightful.

Yenta Mary said...

Oh, how fabulous to find you smiling! Really, it's the little things that matter, that keep us going - perks like nail polish and healthy snacks. Toss in the big things like a better relationship, and there's much to be happy about ... :)

Charlotte said...

I'm inspired to give myself a mani today as a result of this post so thank you. And love all of the accompanying photos here! So happyto see you happy and that olive oil soap sounds divine :)

Charlotte said...

Also those cameo earrings are beautiful!!!


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