Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Taking a Risk

As I look back over my life, I suppose I am a bit of a risk taker. Wait, let me correct that, a cautious risk taker. The best way to describe that is I tend to weigh the consequences, make sure all of my bases are covered, then spring into action.

For example, falling for and entering a relationship with the egyptian.

I knew we would have a bazillion things working against us. He was younger, from a foreign country - heck, not even a foreign country, a completely polar opposite culture/religion. The bumps and bruises we have endured along the way would break any couple. I am soooo happy to report, we are absolutely stronger than we ever were. There is a balance of power (finally,) a sense of teamwork, and personally - that's all I ever really needed.

Most importantly, there is love. Lots and lots and lots of love. We have that same passion we once had in the beginning, except now it is sprinkled with acceptance, compassion, and patience. Thank GOD I did not listen to the naysayers and run straight to a divorce lawyer when times got tough. It's so easy these days to do that. Instead we decided to hang on and ride out the storm.

There is no sense of urgency, or control. I think losing everything ended up being exactly what we needed to gain a sense of balance again. He is where he rightfully should be, the head of the house, yet he is encouraging me to do the absolute best I can do and still try for success. It's a good feeling.

The risk to fall in love with him was great. The risk to stick with him was even greater. Guess what? It worked out in the end.

That's all that matters.

I about to embark on a different kind of risk. I am toying with the idea, and one minute I am like - YES, and the next minute, I begin to think to myself.. hmm....

I think I am going to go into business for myself. I have already decided to start freelance writing, but now I think I might try something else in addition to that. I believe I might start a very small business, one where I reach out to other small businesses and non profits and offer an a la carte service in promotion/marketing/public relations. Keep it simple, keep the costs down, and make it afforadable to the average Joe.

I have all of the tools in my brain. I have all of the connections needed for both Middle Georgia and most of Alabama and Pensacola. Heck, why not?

I am toying with a name, and logo. A mission and plan. A kit to promote and people to contact. It's in the works. Heck, nothing else is happening, and it's something I know I can do, so why not do it?

Risk. It might just work out.

What is the greatest risk you ever took?


scrapwordsmom said...

Oh it's so fun to watch you progress, Nicole. So proud of you!!!

My biggest risk was my first marathon. It's a about 3 blog posts worth of why...I will have to share sometime!!!

Leanne said...

On, my dear!!, I NEED YOUR SERVICES!!!!!!!!



Feeling really good for you right now.

The biggest risk I've ever taken? Heck, I'm living it as we speak. That's why I need your help!!!! ;) hugs.

TV's Take said...

I LOVE THIS!!! I think you should 'open' for business on 2/14 just to show the AHA they can't take your heart/spirit away :-)
Can't wait to hear about it and nonprofits need SOOOOO much help in this arena. Best of luck!


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