Monday, October 5, 2009

I'm back!

Life is slowly returning to color. It is October. I am back - and am I BAAAAAD!

I say that jokingly. But I believe my weekend at the beach wiped away all of the old issues (mentally) and now I can move forward with my life.

I am going to break it all down:

Work: I am on track (at least as far as I am concerned) with work. I am doing exactly what I planned to do, and I am trying my absolute best to go above and beyond. We all know by now that my immediate, for whatever reason, is not a big fan of mine. So be it. The truth will always remain - I have skills this person wishes she had. I can build relationships that are real, I truly have the passion of the organization ingrained in me - and I am by no means here to simply 'move up' as apparently her half hearted attempts seem to be. I am here to do my job. Also - I am an orginal. Something this person does not possess. If it wasn't written in a publica relations book, or published in a Cone Survey - this person cannot come up with one creative idea. I am proud of my ability to build something out of nothing. I have actual experience in the media, unlike the person mentioned, and I have worked in non-profit many more years. It's all good. When I can remind myself of these facts, I have the power. NOT the other way around.

Home - Reality. I am fine. My home is fine. I have my husband. We will be fine. We are waiting on Immigration. (not a foreign concept.) We cannot better the egyptian's situation until the Green Card is approved. Fine. We wait. I am keeping a positive attitude. All I can do is show my signifigant other what happiness looks like. How to find hope in what some may see as hopeless situations. I have patience. This is something I can teach by demonstrating.

We have to remember - all in God's time!!

$$$ - one more month of the UAB hospital bill hell. ONE. I can do this.

That's about it.

I am trying to gain back that power I so easily gave away to people who do not really count in my world. I am back..... watch out world.

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