Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What I think we need for GOOD health care!

Requirements we need - and a little "to-do" checklist for Congress as they are deciding our future with Health Care:

- End exclusions or waiting periods with people with preexisting health conditions.

- Make coverage more affordable by prohibiting premium variations based on health status and gender and by limiting variation based on age.

- Abolish annual and lifetime caps on essential medical care.

- Impose reasonable limits on out of pocket costs at levels that protect the chronically ill from bankruptcy. (an I get an AMEN?)

- Ensure that essential health care services are covered, including hospital care, ambulatory care, prescription drugs, preventative services, emergency care and rehabilitation.

- Eliminate financial barriers to preventative services.

- Make sure plan networks include an adequate number and type of providers.

- Provide consumers with complete and understandable information about health care, cost, coverage and quality.

That's as basic as it gets. Wouldn't you think? So when I say I believe everyone is entitled to health care - this is exactly what I mean.

I know perfectly good people who work at decent jobs - and they cannot afford good health care. Or they are not eligible for health care.

I hate to see friends suffer - when if there were better options, there would be a different quality of life.

Take me for example - I have a good job that pays well. (No I am not rich - but I make enough, more than enough - for one person.) I have insurance, supposedly good insurance - yet I am in massive debt because I had two health issues that came up - that were not my fault. My bills are higher than you can imagine. A minimum of $800 a month. Imagine if I made less, or did not have the option for health care coverage.

We need to be protected from the big business of insurance companies. As well as make sure that congress is creating a fair - and reasonable option. We need choices, and we need to make sure the right people are making these decisions. We must insist we get these things. YES - I think everyone is entitled to good health care. How could a decent person not agree??

Okay - that's the end of my daily rant. ;-)

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