Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Blood Test Results

I got a call this morning that almost sent chills up my spine.

A number appeared on my work cell phone, a number I did not recognize - which is not an entirely rare thing. I decided to answer it and on came this older african-american woman asking for a "Shawanna Abed Doe." I responded with, "yes, this is Shauna Abdou."

My first thought was - Oh No - somehow a bill collector found me on my work cell. hahaha. Then I remembered - wait - I have all of that under control.

While my heart rate was up she went ahead and identified herself as Shirley from Dr. Honan's Office. (My cardiologist.)

You would think that would calm my nerves - ha - just the opposite. Then it hit me - the original blood test results! She started out slowly, explaining she had the results from my initial blood test. I calmly said, yes yes..

Then she scratched her throat and said - "Well, Miss Abed Doo (this time the end sounded like dooooo) - Dr. Honan wanted me to let you know that they came back BEAUTIFUL.

I almost shrieked!! Yippee! Then she added (as I felt my balloon slowly deflate) - we will still need you to come in for the renal doppler and to turn in your urine specimens.

I was like - Oh. *deflate

Then I found out - the blood test look for the following:

Finding averages using glycosylated albumen or hemoglobin, myoglobin, creatine kinase, troponin, brain-type natriuretic peptide, etc. to assess the evolution of coronary artery disease and evidence of existing damage. A great many more physiologic markers related to atherosclerosis and heart function are used and being developed and evaluated in research.

So - basically the blood work was good.

Which the blood work is always good.

Now we need to find out why the heart is working so hard and what is causing the elevated blood pressure and heart rate.

Now for the more invasive items.

Joy upon Joys.

But, I guess one test down - two more to go - not bad. I passed!! Now, let's see what the other tests let me know.

PS - after laying around doing nothing yesterday, blood pressure was 158/100 pulse rate of 112. Yep. I take 3 pills to lower it, I meditated, did yoga, have been eating wonderfully. *sigh*

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