Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Soothing Sounds

The sound of the ocean has always created an instant trance state of mind for me. My pulse rate lowers, my breathing slows, my facial muscles unclench - it's magical.

Another good soothing sound would be a nice rain fall. (again water) Living with a sun room with skylights has afforded me many a peaceful nights sleep with the "tap tap tap" hitting the windows.

Running water of any kind simply sends chills down my arms and legs. I always say chills - because for me, when I have the chills - a since of relaxation comes on immediately following.

As far as smells - the smell of coffee brewing. Yummmm.. I usually take a deep breath and inhale that sweet aroma. Cinnamon or bread products baking in an oven brings a since of comfort. The sweet smell of jasmine blowing in the wind. A fire burning. The smell of the dryer sheets when a dryer is blowing the hot air. A sea breeze.. all of these comfort me.

The colors pale pastel colors or a bold warm colors are pleasant to my eyes. I tend to experience different emotions with either. Pastels represent youth, spring, fresh air. My bolder, warmer "fall" colors remind me of a good fire, Christmas lights, and family.

I love to feel velvet, silk, and the softest cotton you can find. Petting a cat or a dog, running my fingers through their soft fur. Talcum powder, ice water, the coolness of stainless steel - these are items I like to touch.

What comforts you?

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