Friday, October 16, 2009

I've had a long time fascination with subcultures in America. Actually - any society for that matter. But since I live here, and we are such a diverse population, it is a perfect place to immerse yourself within the subculture of a distinct group of people.

On my Face book profile you will see one of the things I like doing is collecting "people." If you are unique in any way, shape or form - I love to spend time with you. (and you know this - for I actually seek out opportunities to chat with you.) Sure, I know lots of people. I meet people, make a connection, and I attempt to say hello from time to time. But that will be about it unless I can find something that clearly sets you apart from the norm. The norm is something I am not a fan of (though find it all around.) Yes, I realize - how do you define what is normal or not. My definition of normal has nothing to do with what is actually normal - but what society deems is normal. People who fall into this category are usually trying so hard to be a carbon copy of another person, that they are not too hard to recognize.

Back to the fascinating ones. WOW. Soooo many categories and subcultures!! Back when I was studying broadcast journalism and international studies - I wanted nothing more than to document how subcultures are changing. What is considered "different" now, make be the norm in 20 years. I have seen so many changes in my 3 little decades. In the 70s, when I was a little kid - people were more free-loving, getting back to earth, post-Vietnam - love your fellow man. In the 80s, under Reagan's era, there was a lust for a more glamorous lifestyle. By the 90s, people were realizing they were unhappy, and seeking healing and slowly expressed their anger (without losing their financial comforts..) Now.. well.. time will tell.

I made a list of some social sub groups that I find interesting. Can you think of any more I may have forgotten? It's amazing how many types of people are out there!!

Nicole's List of Social Subcultures that are very interesting:

1. Body modification people - there are sooo many different categories under this one.
Here are a few I know of:
- Body Piercing
- Body Building
- Breast Ironing ( is a form of breast reduction in which a pubescent girl's breasts are flattened with a heated object, usually by the girl's mother, in an attempt to make her less sexually attractive to men.)
- Branding
- People who bind their feet
- People who use henna
- Human tooth sharpening
- Lip Sewing
- Neck rings
- People who suspend their bodies
- Tongue splitting
- Body Tattoos
- Plastic surgery addicts

2. Cyber Punk

3.Drug Culture

4. Gangs

5. Hippie movement

6. Japanese Subcultures
- Otaku (in Japanese) is someone who is overly obsessed with anime and manga, however in English slang, an Otaku is any anime or manga fan.
- Cosplay is the imitation of anime characters via the use of costumes, props, and many other outlets.

7. Motorcycle groups

8. Music subcultures (sooo many)

9. Naturism (mainly nudists, etc.)

10. Comic Book Fans

11. Fantasy Fans

12. Renaissance Fair groupies

13. Science Fiction fans

14. Sports fanatics

15. Videogame fanatics

16. Parrotheads

17. Deadheads

18. Trekkies

19. Tolkein Fans

20. Rocky Horror Picture Show cult

21. DragonCon Dark Fantasy

22. Cult Film Fanatics

23.Surf Culture

24. Religious movements

25. The DIY culture (do it yourself)

26. Goth

27. Emo

28. Indie

29. Beach bum style

30. Bollywood fans


32. Vampire lifestyle

33. metrosexual

34. alternative lifestyle

I am sure I could go on and on.. even break it down per type of people that live in your city. Here in Birmingham, there is a very big stereotype or even sub group depending on where you live. Mountain Brook vs Hoover vs Homewood vs Bessemer. In Macon, where I grew up, there was a big difference between South Macon and North Macon. East Macon versus the Historic District.
It's everywhere.

I am sure we could have a field day breaking down each group. What's your favorite group? Better yet - where do you fit in???


Anonymous said...

I've got a subculture for you that I've experienced in the past few years - Badge Bunnies, lol!

Nicole Thurston Abdou said...

oh yeah.. lol


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