Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I never said I was normal

Today is one of those days where I feel like something is going to happen. I don't know if it is a bad thing or a good thing or an exciting thing. I just know, SOMETHING is going to happen.

I get these feelings from time to time, and yes, they are usually dead on. I feel calm, I feel generally content (considering the stressors of life at the moment.) Hmmm..

I realize that is strange to say - but there is just a different energy today. Perhaps is has something to do with the weather. Perhaps I did not get enough sleep last night. Perhaps I am over-worked right now. All of these factors could be making me more "sensitive."

But I am not buying it. I know myself - and I know something is up.

Good news - my sinus infection finally feels like it is officially clearing up. I can breathe normally. All I have left is remnants of a cough (due to drainage.) That's the good news. Hopefully soon I will feel more "normal."

Still battling an increased heart rate. Last night it was thumping sooo fast. I did not want to check my blood pressure. It would just freak me out. I know, I know.. but sometimes - ignorance is bliss.

I watched an amazing show last night. (LOL) Many of you will roll your eyes, but I loved it. Dealt with my favorite subject - SUBCULTURES.

Here's what happened. In honor of Halloween, I thought I would research "real vampires." So I checked out some links. Then somehow I ended up on Youtube. Then I saw a National Geographic snippet about Vampires - and one gentleman in particular named "Don" was a little creepy. So - I researched his name on youtube and the 'Tyra" show popped up. Yes - I know, not a fan of that show - but the segment was semi-interesting. He was on there along with a few other "fruity" characters. Then I found a few more videos with him in it. Basically he is a "vampire." He does drink blood and he also feeds off energy. He sleeps in a coffin. He LOOKS like a real vampire. I realize this is all part of his "alternative lifestyle."

Then in an interview with another vampire - she talked about the reality TV show he was on - called, Mad Mad House. So - I proceeded to find it on Youtube. I could not get a single good clip - so I researched on google and ta da!! - HULU had ever episode of every season.


The idea is 10 normal people move into a home with 5 "Alts" or alternative lifestyle folks. (My favorite category.) There was a Wiccan, A Vampire, A Voo Doo Priestess, A Naturist, and a Primitive something-or the other (basically he was into body modification.) Super fun to watch.

I tried to get the egyptian to take a gander, he just rolled his eyes and said - "This is not interesting." Oh Contraire!!

Anyway - if you find subcultures fascinating like i do - please jump on HULU and watch! (It's free and fabulous.)

That's all I have for now. I will keep you posted if something "wicked this way comes."

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