Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween Memories

With Halloween fast approaching, I thought it would be nice to get away from all of the "venting" posts and concentrate on something more therapeutic - like remembering one of my favorite holidays - Halloween.

Why do I like Halloween so much? I guess it has something to do with the fact that I have always loved to play "dress up." Sure! Ever since I was little - I have always loved costumes. Heck, if we could have a theme day at work each day I would be the ring leader!!

According to my mother, my first Halloween costume was as a witch. And apparently - I was a witch for several years. In elementary school I dressed as a gypsy, black cat, can can dancer and as a punk rocker. In high school I did manage to dress as the Prom Queen from Prom Night - Mary Beth Mahoney. Please note - NONE of my costumes were store bought.

Which made me wonder - how did I NOT dress as my favorite scary character - a vampire as I child? I just talked to my mother and she said.. noooo.. you were terrified of vampires. (Which I quickly corrected her and explained they were Bampires - or at least that is what my 8 year old journal says.)

My mother was obsessed (well.. not obsessed.. but a fan of) Vampires. Good old fashioned Count Dracula to be exact. She would play the music from the Vampire Movie with Frank Langela.

This musical score terrified me. Mom would put it on, and this scary black vampire cape she had and jokingly dance around the room. We had this large console stereo - that in my child's mind - looked like a coffin. At night, I would scurry past it sooo fast, afraid the "Bampire" would jump out.

My mother even reminded me of a toy I had as a child. The Count (from Sesame Street.) You could pull a string and it would say.. "One.. ha ha ha.." But in an eery voice. She said I used to hide it in the hall closet. LOL

Another scary thing happened when I was very young and my parents were the youth group leaders at my church. They held a "haunted house" in the nursery and somehow were able to obtain a real coffin. Now, some of the teens thought it would be funny to take the little girl and place her in the coffin. 1. It was dark. 2. It was in a haunted house. 3. Dracula lived there.
BOOO on them. I freaked.

Needless to say, some of my more vivid dreams I had as a child involved the vampire that lived down my hallway - and if I tried to pass by to get into the bathroom, he would jump out and bite me. Yes - I still remember this dream from early childhood.

Somewhere between a scary "pull string" toy and high school came the most awesome movie of all times - "The Lost Boys." Somehow, vampires were not so scary - but pretty freaking hot!!

I was sold and a major fan of vampires from that moment on.

By college I began reading Anne Rice and fell in love with her entire series. I read every single book by her - including the more recent ones (which do not involve any form of the supernatural - except maybe - the holy ghost!) I became "in love" with Lestat and Armand.

By my freshman year in college - Interview with a Vampire was released on film. *sigh* - all made me happy (except Tom Cruise as Lestat.. TOM FREAKING CRUISE??? What the hell???)

Then of course - Queen of the Damned was released (and if anyone actually read the books - you know it contains items from both The Vampire Lestat and Queen of the Damned.)

Of course I think Stuart Townsend did a fantastic job as Lestat.

But I am getting away from my Halloween memories - and heading more into my love for the books of Anne Rice. (Maybe I can save that for another post!!)

As an adult, I threw some amazing Halloween parties! Particularly when I lived on Dogwood Circle in Macon. AMAZING parties. We spent sooooo much $$$$ on these events. If only I had a scanner at home - my pics are pretty coooool.

Later I became a HUGE fan of Haunted Houses. I LOVE watching shows like Paranormal State. And there is seriously not one single Horror movie I have missed. (If it warrants a viewing.)

I actually have fallen asleep - alone in the dark - watching The exorcism of Emily Rose. LOL

With all of this being said - WHY THE FASCINATION WITH THE DARKER SIDE? Look people - I don't take it seriously. It's fun to play with your imagination and let it run a little wild from time to time.

I have many friends who view Halloween as some demonic/satanic/anti-christian holiday. I see it as a fantastic opportunity to use your imagination, learn about ancient customs, and have a little fun. If you can learn to laugh at what haunts your dreams - doesn't it make reality all the more pleasant?

PS - I named my Siberian Husky Nanook (from the dog's name in the Lost Boys) - As far as cats (I owned a Claudia (from Interview with the Vampire) and of course - my famous Lestat.

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