Thursday, October 29, 2009

I spot a flaming tree!!

What a glorious morning!

I woke up early, decided to sit alone in my sunroom and just visit my "friends" on facebook and relax a little before getting ready for work. This is all part of my new routine to find some "peace."

Then I glanced up and the left glass wall was the frame for a spectacular sight - a beautiful red tree! You know the kind - the leaves are a brilliant hue of reds and gold and a touch of orange. *sigh* I have been waiting for this moment. My prediction is by this weekend the city of Birmingham will be a glorious array of bright, bold, fall colors.

Now that my sinus infection truly seems to be slowly subsiding - I can enjoy these glorious days. I think I have been in a fog for the past week, and it is wonderful to begin to see clearly again.

I have to brag on myself for a minute. I am sooo proud of my eating habits for the past two weeks. SOOOO proud. I have really made some excellent choices.

For example - Here is what I ate yesterday:
Breakfast - Water, yogurt with cucumbers mixed in and herbs with warm pita
Lunch - Salad with chopped apples, almonds, cucumbers, carrots, & feta - and water
Dinner - Greek Salad and Hummus with Pita - and water.

I simply cannot imagine my healthy getting worse. It HAS to be getting better.

I have to say I was very inspired by a friend of mine from my past. Her name is also Nicole - and she sent me a very beautiful story of her life-style change. Same issues - blood pressure off the charts, meds, need to lose weight. What I am happy to report - she did it! And she is off the meds. (Which is my goal in life.) Knowing that it IS possible - gives me such hope.

Since I am feeling better today, and these brilliant trees are calling me, I plan to go for a walk this afternoon. Finally time to incorporate that exercise. Here's the funny thing - I LOVE TO EXERCISE. Simply LOVE it. I am just always sooo tired. Luckily, with my new medicine - I am not as tired. So, I finally have energy to do the things I need to do.

I am excited.

I hope if any of you reading are having any health issues or weight issues or anything like that - will join me on this quest. Good news - I am taking it sloooooow. Not in a freakish counting calories, and exercising like crazy way. No, No.. I don't plan to ever be a runner, or be in a bikini again... but I do plan to feel better and get into a safe B.M.I.

Have a great day people! :-)

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