Monday, February 10, 2014

Zyrtec, Zaditor, Nasanex - Oh My!

My teeth hurt.

No... actually.. my gums hurt.


Wait for it..


My sinus cavity feels like it is crushing my teeth and pinching my gums.

There.. that's more like it.

Holy Moly am I in PAIN.

One week - Cold.
Then a few days of rest - followed by a hard core cold/allergy something or the other...

And now..


I have enlisted the help of Nasanex, Zyrtec & Zaditor (my miracle mixture,) and really, at this point, it's hope for the best.

I actually came home from work today, grabbed a sandwich baggy and filled it with ice, and put it across the mask of my face.

Oh My Word.

Sweet relief.

How do you hold up during allergy season?

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