Tuesday, February 11, 2014

To Dream... To Believe... To Do

Finally, I am through the fog of BIG event and the allergy attack. Apparently, my trifecta of treatment worked a miracle overnight, and though I still feel the sinus pressure, this is the first day my brain is not foggy.

And it got me to thinking..

That's the problem... January holds my biggest fundraiser (money wise) and typically it's cold and I end up a little sick. I always feel like my birthday is my true "New Year." 

And it is.

Remember my word of the year? My theme for this year? It was Live. 

I think I've done that to an extent. I made a point to not sit on the sidelines at All That Jazz, and I actually danced most of the night. I took my ballroom dances and really learned how to Waltz, ChaCha, Mambo, and elements of East Coast Swing. I stood up for myself when the going got tough, and ... I lived.

Now we are moving into February and I am saying Yes again. I decided to invite a ton of friends down to Savannah to celebrate my birthday. I hope to say yes to laughing, singing, dancing, and what not. I also had a fun little text-convo with one of my closest friends yesterday about FINALLY going to Italy with her. She's been 1/2 a dozen times, and I've been saying for 21 years I would go with her. She put the pressure on last night, so.. it looks like early October there may be a trip to Europe on the horizon.

I'm saying Yes.

I've also decided to add a new activity to my calendar. Since I moving up to Semi-Advanced ballroom dance classes (yeah, baby,) I want to add another element. I was checking out the Pure Barre class. We have one of those studios here. That's nothing but straight up the stuff I used to do in Ballet when I had a kick ass body. Why not do it again? Sure, I am incredibly out of shape.. but this could be fun to do. I saw a plan to purchase 10 classes. I might start there and see how it goes. 

What is Pure Barre?

THEN... guess what it was time for? A NEW PHONE. I am thrilled with the phone I have selected... it's perfect for someone like me that LOVES taking photos. Want to see it?

What are you saying yes to these days?

1 comment:

Leanne said...

Oh, Italy . . . my heart is melting! YES, my friend. DO IT!!! and YES to everything else, too. Here is to a wonderful year!!!


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