Sunday, February 9, 2014

Not as big of a deal

I have exactly one week until my 41st birthday. Unlike last year, I am chillin' and don't have a care in the world.


Because I passed that benchmark number. I won't sweat again until 49/50... God willing.

It's sort of a non-special birthday. 39 (huge) and 40.. well.. 40 is.. well.. 40. But 41.. fuggedaboutit.

I had debated about what I should do. Birthday party? Dinner with friends? Travel somewhere?

Wait... wait...

Why not do it ALL at once.

And that's EXACTLY what I plan to do. I invited 20 or so of my nearest and dearest and we are taking off for Savannah next weekend. Some are arrive a day or so early, but I, due to ANOTHER event this coming Friday night, am stuck with arriving on Saturday. I plan to piddle around the city's squares, shop till I drop, eat amazing food, and drink until my liver cries uncle.

It's going to be FABULOUS. PLUS.. I have 12 of some of the most fantastic people meeting me down there!

So instead of worrying over whether I have enough bubbly for my guests, I'm going to let the restaurants worry about that. Instead of wondering if anyone is going to need a ride home - we will be within stumbling distance of our hotel rooms. Instead of worrying about what to do - we are going to do it all!

I'm excited! Even to be turning something as boring as 41!

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