Wednesday, February 12, 2014

What to Do During the Stormaggen Part 2

Packed bags.. my bag
Needless to say - I'm bored out of my mind. Winter hit (God forbid,) and we are being forced to stay inside.


Here is.. and I am so not kidding... how my day went:

9:10am - Slept in. Woke up - fed cats. (Bathroom visit, etc.)
9:30am - Made coffee.

10:00ish- Brushed teeth
10:15 - Made organic bacon & egg whites with blue cheese crumbles
10:45 - Ate one of my room mates blue berry muffin
11:00 - Took a shower, just in case the electricity goes off and I can't...
11:30 - Still only rain outside.. checked on cats.. found them in my roomie's room..
They were watching The Price is Right together
 11:40 - Gave Salvatore his antibiotic for his respiratory infection. He was not very happy.
 Noon - Decided to heat up the beef stew I made a week ago
12:15 - Finally went thru my Southern Living, Vogue, and Psychology Today mags that are stacking up... with a cat at my feet:
1:30pm - Ate beef stew
1:45pm - Cleaned kitchen
2pm - Sorted my clothes
2:30pm - Watched Drinking Buddies (a movie)
3:30pm - Got bored with movie - read a few chapters of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
4:30pm - Visited a friend nearby
5:30pm - Ate Max & Cheese
6:00pm - Watched Les Miserables
7:30pm - Got bored
7:45pm - Packed clothes for trip on Saturday
8:45pm - Checked FB
9:45pm - Sat down to write this...


I'm about to go crazy!

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