Friday, February 14, 2014

Cupid. #superfail

Even though I am technically seeing someone (not so serious anymore..) this Valentine's Day is sort of crappy.

It's the first one post divorce. Just last year, the egyptian had walked into the living room and handed me a bottle of Chanel and said Happy Valentine's Day/Birthday. It filled me with hope.

Just two month later he would ask for a divorce.

Man.. what a year it has been.

My roomie broke up with her long time beau back in September. She immediately entered a relationship with a long time friend of hers that lives in BHAM. When she got to work she had a dozen red roses and was sent on a surprise trip of sorts to find her second gift.

I got a "Happy Valentine's Day" text from someone.

Sort of is par for the course. 

I have a big event tonight - lots of couples dancing together, sharing a nice dinner, and enjoying their relationships while supporting my museum. I'll smile. I'll laugh. I'll make nice comments about someone's dress, or make a snarky comment with a fellow "single person." 


I'm trying to get in the mind frame to enjoy tomorrow. I head out of town.. and man.. do I need it. I hope I have not over complicated everything by inviting so many different types of people.

Time will tell.

Happy Valentine's Day to all of you. I hope you get something that makes you smile, and spend a little time with the ones you love.

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