Monday, February 17, 2014

THIS is 41

We left early Saturday morning for Savannah. Lynn and I in the car here! I was BEAT - I had an event the night before and got maybe 5 hours sleep.

These pics are out of order.. But... this was Saturday night at my bday dinner at Kevin Barry's. These are my friends - Telisa and Franodo. Telisa was teasing him relentlessly all night. lol

These are my friends Robby & Fawn. They were also celebrating their anniversary!! Behind them, photobombing, is my cousin Bryan. This was at dinner at Kevin Barry's!

One of the first things we did... well.. was drink entirely too much before noon. Here we all are at Wet Willie's. You see my cousin Bryan, Tonya, and Telisa

We caravan down to Savannah... and stopped in Dublin at Burger King. Tonya and I trying to wake up..

Dinner again - here you see JJ being extremely dramatic. lol

I love this. It's everyone except Franodo/Robby/Fawn - We all met up in City Market. Jeff bought me the cutest painting.

We eventually had lunch.. and I think the servers at Bernie's wanted to kill us. Too tipsy for lunch - big group.. small place. Here is Bryan, Telisa, and my roomie - Lynn.

I went for a solitary walk on my actual birthday, which was Sunday, and took this photo. I liked it.

I was thrilled that my cousins drove 11 hours down from Ohio. It meant the world to me. Here is Teresa and Bryan!

This was at midnightish on my birthday - shots of patron. First of many.

Wet Willies - pre noon drinks with Angel and Lynn

Taking a walk down River Street.

Dinner at Kevin Barry's.

My selfie on my birthday. Sitting alone on a bench on River Street. It was nice.

Wet Willie's fun!

Dinner - Cindy & PC

I went down for an early breakfast alone on my birthday.. and the cashier asked me where I got my bag. I told her it was a birthday present to myself. She asked, "When is your birthday?" I smiled and said, "Today." FREE

Teresa, Jeff and Tonya!

Walking down River Street

Who needs birthday cake in the south? We do beignets!

Lunch at Bernie's with Teresa, Tonya and me

finally - My cousins, Telisa, PC, and Lynn!

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