Saturday, October 26, 2013

Things I Learned This Week

1. Letting go of things/people/situations that do not allow you to grow is the number one lesson in life.

2. It always starts with a sneeze. Then turns into a sniffle. Followed by a hacking cough. And that's just the symptoms my cat had. Yes, we both are sick.

3. There are three overlooked causes of anxiety: Unresolved relationships, guilt, and unexpressed desires. I think herein lies a lot of my anxiety.

4. You would think, with the amount of vitamin C I ingest, I would never get sick. lol

5. I am trying to be gentle with someone who has opened up their heart to me. They intentions seem very real.. and though I am not there, I refuse to do to them, what others may have done to me. I've come a long way with this one.

6. Got a call yesterday from the Ladie's Auxillary at church. Looks like I will get back involved. I guess God has given me enough "alone time" to figure things out. Sometimes... the simple reaching out of a fellow church member, inviting you back into the fold, can make all of the difference.

7. I feel completely blessed. I have learned that my crisis, my heart ache, my pain, all of it has brought me to a place of contentment. Who knew I could heal so quickly? Who knew that in the end.. it would be okay. I tried trusting.. and patience.. and I refused to close myself off completely. I think it paid off.

8. My Pandora station - Acoustic New Age - is a wonderful piece of music therapy.

9. Back on the healthy wagon. LOL... We'll see...

10. Finally... I'm okay. I've been waiting to say that for a while now. I am sitting here, and I feel it. It's all good. :-)

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