Saturday, October 5, 2013

Things I Have Learned This Week

Here we go:

1. Just because I mean everything I say, DOES NOT mean other people do the same.

2. Sausage biscuits from Burger King are a staple for breakfast these days. Just one. It does the trick.

3. Dating people who have lots of loose ends is tiring. Sort of makes me want to just be alone. Maybe that's what God is trying to tell me.

4. When you work with people, you should be polite and professional. It does not mean you have to be friends.

5. I'm excited about the future. Well.. I am feeling hopeful. Lots of MY loose ends are tying up... so it feels nice, like I have a blank slate.

6. Some of you (my sweetest blog followers) give the best advice. Keep it up!

7. I have GOT to drag my a$$ back into the gym. For me. Not for anyone else.

8. I bought two pairs of heels, three dresses and a pair of tights. Why do I feel like I have a new wardrobe? lol

9. I have lots to do, and need to prioritize it. I think I need to figure out how to schedule my life. You see, when you are single and have no kids - there is nowhere I HAVE to be outside of my job. If I ever plan to accomplish anything, I need to get to it.

10. I want to be someone's first choice. Not their second choice... or maybe.. or let's see how it goes. I need more than that.

11. Chemistry is important. Timing is everything.

12. There are still things I want to learn. Things I want experience. I need to concentrate on those things.

13. My health is good! (Did I mention that yet?) My BP is phenomenal and has been for three months or so.

14. However, I am suffering from insomnia.

15. My kitty cat is super sick. Zen kitty (the black one,) has allergies and a sinus infection. Bless his little heart.

16. I'm busy these days. Super - super busy. Some how it is working out okay.

17. I get a room mate next Saturday!!!

18. I think the word of the week is Priority.

19. It's going to be a long week next week. Hopefully full of pleasant surprises.

20. Finally - Did I mention my ex is moving to Dubai? Yep.

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