Monday, October 14, 2013

Someone Once Told Me...

Someone once told me... you have a strong personality.
It will take a special kind of man to be able to live with you.

Someone once told me... you tend to say too much.
You don't have to repeat every little thought that pops into your head.

Someone once told me... you tend to get a little bossy.
You don't have to always be so mouthy

Someone once told me... it's such a shame I am overweight.
Since.. of course.. they thought I had a pretty face.

Someone once told me... I will never amount to anything.
That by having friends with a shady past or home life, it would affect how I live mine.

Someone once told me... I make a terrible wife.
Since I don't come straight home and clean immediately, have dinner ready, and then just remain quiet. Even after I worked all day.

Someone once told me... it's best to not rock the boat.
People don't really want to hear the truth.

Someone once told me.. they did not understand why I wrote a blog about my life.
Though they thought I was a "nice enough person"... I'm simply not that interesting.

Someone once told me... if you don't play the game.. you will never succeed in this town.

Someone once told me... I talk entirely too fast.

Someone once told me... It's annoying how you post so many pics of your cats, or check in, or share those quotes.

Someone once told me... I come across as condescending..
When really all I am doing is speaking with confidence. Something a man can do, and be praised for.

Someone once told me... You are way too opinionated.
People would prefer you to not say anything.

Someone once told me... they were so sorry I could never truly feel like a woman.. because I would never give birth to a child.

Someone once told me... that I needed to take a good look at myself, since I have lost two husbands.
Not taking into consideration one was an adulterer, and the other was abusive.

Instead... I would like to say:


Anonymous said...

Some body once told me "it is what it is"
So i wait for it not to be what it be

Linda said...

all of those are so true....I can relate to many.


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