Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Don't worry folks, everything is fine.

If you read the last post, you may have wondered. No, no.. I am fine. I was just thinking about the type of things we hear our entire lives, sort of like "programming," and unfortunately, we fall for the self-talk. Thank goodness I don't believe that stuff.

Imagine if I did?

Back to my life..

It seems like the last six months my blog posts have been scattered and less informative. I sort of quit baring my soul.. basically... since when I got my job I was told not to. It's hard to write half truths, not to mention the amount of people reading my posts. Sheesh.. kinda scary to think which one of you are in my everyday life and I don't realize that you are reading my words. It's a little weird for me, you know?

Here's where I am now - Working hard. Very, very hard. There is so much I need to do at work, and that I have to do.. that I am staying extremely busy. That's a good thing, and it is something I enjoy.

As for home, my new room mate moved in this past Saturday, and everything is going well. She came in super motivated to start a new life.. and slowly.. the reality is starting to hit her. I'm not sure what that will mean for her. (As in long term in our community or not.) The best I can do is provide her a safe haven until she figures it all out.

As for my personal life? Screeching halt.

I am spending tons of time with the guy that I mentioned before. Just about every day - but it feels completely like a friendship now. Yeah. Friend zone. I don't know who took it there first - but that's where we are. Plus, he's so incredibly difficult to read or even possibly begin to understand.. very wishy washy.. changing his mind all of the time, plans are always changing, and lord have mercy.. does he have a lot of "female" friends. Not sure if I would have even been up for the task.

In other words..
I think it is best if I back away slowly. I'm already sort of in the friend zone... so he probably will not even notice.

Of course, I adored him.  Just... something is off. It's not me.. I swear! ;-) lol

Okay Okay..

So I am back to reclaiming me.

I think that's the best relationship I can have right now. 

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