Friday, October 11, 2013

Where Have I Been?

Where have I been?

Good question.

I've been BUSY.

Let's recap in photos..
Let's go back about two weeks... Girl's night out at TWANG in Macon. Click on the link to see the menu!

Me, Cate, JJ, & Georgia (same girls I went to Hilton Head with) - Relaxing at the Bar at Twang!

Regina and I at Twang

JJ & I at Twang!

After cocktails.. we headed to the loft area for dinner! A table full of thespians!

A Twang Tea - Southern Comfort - Peach Schnapps - Sweet Tea. Can we get anymore southern?

Spent some time with Auttie Blossom at Krispy Kreme (another southern institution)

Spent some time at Capricorn Records? Not familiar? It's located in Downtown Macon. Click on the link - it just might blow your mind. ;-)

Salvatore did not want to let me go to work..

Invited my friend and fellow writer, Molly, to Rotary with me.

Hung out with Director of Fine Art at MAA (Heatherly) and Executive Dir of the 567, Melissa. Just artsy chicks having a little fun at a Pop Up Gallery. Bravo's "Gallery Girls" got nothing on us. ;-)

Had dinner a beer with my friend Cate at The Rookery

Spent a little time at Grant's Lounge. Who performed on this stage? Ready to get your mind blown? Click on the link. yep... that's in my hometown too. ;-) People don't believe us.. but Macon is the HOME of southern rock. Seriously. The sound was invented here.. and on this stage. ;-) CLICK ON THE LINK.

More friends of mine at the Pop Up Gallery Preview Party

I made time for chocolate cake

Spent a little time in the dressing room of Theater Macon.. That's me being silly in the back on the right..

Hung out with my friends at MAA

Want to know what Soul Food/Southern Cooking is? Welcome to H&H in Macon.

Rushed Zen Kitty to the vet. Allergies.. bless his heart

Spent some time at Theater Macon... backstage..

Hanging out with my friend, Chris, at the Pop Up Gallery

Watched my mom and her friends do a "painting in the round"

Tucked Zen kitty in.. he was not feeling well...

The founder of my museum and his wife on the left, and my boss and his wife on the right

Some of mom's friends at the gallery

Me, Susie and Kathy at the CVB

Scott and I hanging out at the Pop Up Gallery

Maybe you don't understand the importance of this restaurant? Click on this LINK - H&H Even Oprah was raving about this restaurant when she visited Macon.

My interior design friend, Betsy, and I hung out a little at the Pop Up Gallery Preview Party

Leadership Macon at Grant's Lounge

The famous Mama Louise at H&H

Bill and I hanging out at Grant's Lounge

Finally.. REAL soul food... at H&H

What have YOU been up to?

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