Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sunday Musings...

I love these long weekends. I have the opportunity to stay in pjs all day, which we all know is my absolute favorite thing to do.

Yesterday was a really good day. I spent the day organizing and deep cleaning. It seems I am slowly finding my way in the larger apartment alone. The cats are settling in and are learning their boundaries. I also spent the afternoon grooming: hair color/pedicure.. etc. It really was a nice Saturday.

Sooo.. last night I had my first "official" date post divorce. Had a wonderful time - great conversation, watched a wonderful movie, it went so well.. the gentleman asked me out for a second date. (Yay!) Though I am cautious.. I tend to be a serial monogamer, and for whatever reason, guys get a little too attached too quickly with me (always have... ask any of my friends. What's even stranger, these guys are typically NOT the kind to be in a "couple." I guess I just have that girlfriend vibe.) Anyway, I will probably take him up on another date or two, but keep my distance. It's good to get back out there and remember how to laugh with a guy again. Nothing serious, just fun. THAT'S exactly what I needed.

I even have another date with someone else line up for next Saturday. hahahahaha...

Oh boy.

Anyway, life goes on and outside of still needing to get the car fixed/looked at, I'm good. I hope each of you are having a delightful Sunday. For me? Reality TV... frozen pizza.. and sweet tea. :-)

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