Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Adding a member to the Thurston Household

No... don't get too excited. I did not conceive a child, nor am I adopting or even hosting anymore exchange students.

But I am going to right a wrong. 

The night my ex entered my home, right after his flight from Cairo, he immediately began to complain about my baby boy Lestat. The SAME cat he insisted I get in the first place. He said to me, "I only wanted you to get the cat to keep you company, until I got there." Then he proceeded to tell me that it was him or the cat, I politely told him to go home.

Well.. in America, husbands and wives fight like this all the time. Typically one or the other spouse concedes, and usually no one would even consider getting rid of their pet. That cat represented everything that would set the tone for our marriage. I held resentment. He thought I was a terrible person for not "listening" to her husband. 

Things slowly went downhill from there. It was not like we had a few weeks to be blissful, the beautiful baby boy I had caused such a riff in our relationship, that it was just the catalyst for things to come.

Sooo.. he went to live with a friend. Then I ended up taking him to my parents home, where he is very content. I would never dream of uprooting him again, when he is so happy there.

But there are a couple of things I learned from that situation:

1. Whoever loves me, MUST LOVE CATS.
2. Never be bullied into abandoning your animals... because Lestat would have stayed by my side, while HE did not.
3. This too shall pass...

I am getting a cat. 
Yes sir/ma'am. It's happening.

Unfortunately, my trip to Chicago was cancelled. Leanne is terribly sicks, as well as her husband, so there was no way they could entertain, nor would I want to show up, pick up some germies and bring them back. Instead, we will try again this summer. The bummer is I lost my ticket. Literally. I paid somewhere around $230 something for them. I can get a credit of $197.10 (the actual ticket price.) BUT - I have one year to use the credit, AND it would cost me $150 to use it, then an additional $50 to Cheap tickets. Sort of defeats the purpose. Soooo.. I am out $200. THAT is the worst part of it all.... I know one day I will see Leanne and her friends and family, so that I am not worried about. It just sucks to be out money. I learned a valuable lesson- BUY REFUNDABLE TICKETS.

The BRIGHT SIDE of this.. the money I would have spent in Chicago, etc, I am going to spend on a NEW BABY KITTY. YES!!!! Sooo.. I have an appointment with the Houston County Humane Society. I originally saw one in Milledgeville that I thought I wanted, BUT.. they never got back with me, so I emailed about another cat, and sure enough.. they responded! I have an appointment to meet the kitty on Saturday. Sooo.. I'm heading to Warner Robins. Of course I'll have to buy all of the goodies for the baby before hand. Scratchy posts, feathery toys, little balls, litter box, food. The cats in HOCO are spayed or neutered, have their shots and are micro chipped all for $125. Score!

I might get two! Crazy?... I hope not.

PLUS - I'll have to pay a deposit here at my apt. But that's okay! I figure most cats live 18 years or so. I will have this baby up into my 60s... WOW. Life long friend, for sure.

Let me show you Oreck. (Which I am TOTALLY changing his name..)

The other kitty I was looking at was named Lotis.. (which I like that name.) However, they have not gotten back with me.

Here is her picture:

Who knows what I will end up with!

YAY! A black cat... finally!!


AnnaKaye said...

Oh my goodness!! He is sooo cute!! I'm excited about this new addition!! :)

A Frugal Mom's Financial Expressions said...

Adorable :)

Leslie Limon said...

Yay!!! Congratulations on the newest additions to your family! :)


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