Sunday, May 19, 2013

Things I Have Learned This Week

This week was FULL of lessons...

1. I clearly have issues with being locked in movie theater seats. I want to be able to jet out if I need to. 

2. Late night movies = Nicole dozing off. Uh oh... sign I am getting OLD.

Movies with old friends from High School. The Great Gatsby was really good! We caught the 10pm movie and left about midnight. I was sleeeeeepy. LOL

3. The pain is there. It is. Only when I stop to think about it, I feel sad. But I am able to recover quickly. I do miss him. But I am happy to be moving on. Bitter sweet, you know?

4. I crave naps. Is this a 40 year old thing?

5. I am totally into spring/summer skirts. 

6. Citrus scents seems to be my signature scent this year. I go through phases. Last year it was "spa." The year before was "fresh linen." 

7. I have become addicted to oranges. New thing for me.

8. Dating sites - Ha! Oh... this piece is fun. I joined one for fun... just to see if I could get a few dinners and just see what it is all like out there again. I crack up when I read a man's profile: I am looking for a beautiful, fit, intelligent, independent woman who is not looking for a relationship. Ha! Then you look at their profile and they are this bald billy bob chubby bubba with a high school education. Lord. Have. Mercy.

9. Cats. Are supposed to be independent. My cats? needy - needy - needy.

I sit on this side of the couch and he blocks my ability to stretch out!

Or they BOTH block my ability to stretch out.

Or he literally hugs my leg. ;-)

10. Most of my friends are going through CRAZY custody battles. At least 4 people I know are in the middle of crazy court battles. WOW. You guys keep my eyes open! (PS - Makes for fascinating stories!)

11. Not a fan of the iced coffee from Keurig. I think Starbucks will keep the crown on this.

12.  My garden is growing quite nicely! Peppers are sprouting, jasmine is blooming - and I am feeling like it has healed my soul!
My instacollage I made!

13. I took stock of my one year at the Museum. Here is just a look at the promotions I accomplished in print, not including all of the broadcasting opportunities! A think it was a job well done! There were several national, regional and local placements!
14. Mother's Day went well... clearly my dad was invested. He decided to relax in my study while I entertained the ladies. ;-)
 15. I got a fantastic gift from my wildly talented friend, Shannon! To help me celebrate my "new" last name - she sent me a new business card holder (for my NEW name on my cards) and a tumbler with my full name initials. 

16. Kitty Claws. Little kittens come at you claws out. O.M.W.
Was good to see some old friends last weekend!
 18. I'm sick of celebrity reporters and producers giving couples nick names. No more Brangelina. No more Bennifer.
Blech.. Blech.. Blech.

19. You know.. there are several people in my family on both sides that have suffered from and died from ovarian cancer. I had some issues with cervical. Soooo... with all of this talk of Angelina's preventative measures... should I get tested for the BRCA gene test? I had a hysterectomy but left my ovaries. Hmmm...

20. Finally.... WOW. A week feeling mostly good. :-)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Love your little garden and that travel mug is just so adorable! As for the cats...I have a mini dog that behaves in much the same way as most cats, so I do understand what you are saying here. Loving keeping up with you & seeing that you are in the process of peace finding.


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