Monday, May 6, 2013

And so it begins...

No doubt, this was an eventful weekend, sans the trip to Chicago. I ended up having my niece come spend the weekend with me (no surprise there,) and I finally checked one of the post divorce items off of my list - I got a cat.

Not just one cat, two cats!

Remember the post earlier this week with the picture of a little black kitty named Oreck?

This is Oreck now.. sitting on my niece's lap. His name is Zen Kitty... or Zen for short. He is a beautiful 9 week old ball of fun. He is very well behaved, uses his litter box like a champ, eats his food and plays like a healthy baby boy. When I leave the room and he realizes it, he comes running to find me making these little squeal noises. When he finally discovers me, you can hear his little purr box roaring.

While at the shelter, I discovered another ball of fun - Mr. Johnnie. This fat, orange tub of love, began swirling my legs, claiming me for his own.

Mr. Johnnie was in the shelter for about 11 months and is a little over one. He is very sweet, loves belly rubs and following me around as if he is my protector. However, he is super shy and has not taken to the food I bought yet. It took him about 24 hours to come out from under my dresser, but now that he has, he is quite territorial of me. 

BTW  - I changed his name to Salvatore. He needed a regal name.

So there you have it - me and two cats. Autumn was a super big help for me getting these two acclimated.

On to my personal life - I sign the papers this afternoon. Then it's done. He and I are on good terms (finally.) He is leaving me everything, no strings attached. That includes all of the brand new furniture he bought us. All is well... all is well.

I bought bacon this weekend. Ha!
I rescued two cats. Ha!
I had a glass of moscato in my home. Ha!
Trifecta of a new life.

Now.. about being single. 


The most RANDOM people have been asking me out on a date, and the ink is not dry on the papers yet. Holy moly. 

If you are over 50, forget about it.
If you are under 38, forget about it.


Good times, right?


Empty Nester said...

Now, why are you surprised that people are asking you out? You're delightful! I'm not surprised at all! I like the sound of things now- very healthy and positive! Good for you!

Robyn Burke said...

this post just made me smile. Big. Love this. :)


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